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The present Cavite State University of Indang, Cavite was opened as a pioneer intermediate school in 1906. it was one of the four intermediate schools established in the province of Cavite during the first few years of the American occupation. The first teachers were Americans recruited from the United States Armed Forces with Mr. C.E. Workman as its first principal. The pupils who attended the School during the time were matured and advanced in ability. In addition to the 3R's, elementary agriculture was greatly emphasized.

In 1915, the School had its first Filipino principal by the name of Mr. Mariano Mondoñedo. Three years after, the Indang Intermediate School was changed into Indang Farm School. During this time, the intermediate classes were maintained with emphasis on vocational agriculture for boys and domestic science for girls.

A prominent person by the name of Severino delas Alas who was Secretary of Interior of the government under the late Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo donated a sizeable area to increase the field for laboratory purposes.

The school began to offer the first year secondary course in Vocational Agriculture in 1923. Later in 1927, the girls were admitted to classes above the intermediate level. 

During the incumbency of Mr. Simeon Madlangsakay, the name of the institution was changed to Indang Rural High School.

The School graduated its first secondary agricultural class for boys in 1927, and the first secondary Home Economics class for girls in 1931.

In recognition of the valuable services to the community, to the province of Cavite and to the nation as a whole of Don Severino delas Alas, the name of the institution was changed by Congressional action to Don Severino National Agricultural School in 1958. This name was retained up to 1964 when it was converted into College by virtue of the Republic Act No. 3917 on June 18, 1964. Under this Act, the School was given its own charter and became known as the Don Severino Agricultural College. The College started offering degree courses while the High School was still offering Vocational Agriculture and Agricultural Homemaking Curriculum.

In 1984, the Agricultural Science Curriculum was added to the curricular offerings for high school students, allowing only one section for the said curriculum. The Vocational Agriculture and Agricultural Homemaking curricula were gradually phased out and replace by the New Secondary Education Curriculum but the Science Curriculum was retained.

Since the College of Education Teacher Education Department was using the high school department for the practicum of their Education students, the High School Department was called Secondary Education Laboratory School.

In 1998, the College became a university by virtue of the Republic Act 8468 which was signed on January 22, 1998. The name Don Severino Agricultural College then became Cavite State University. In 1998, the NSEC was totally phased out and only the Science Curriculum was retained. The name Secondary Education Laboratory School was then changed into CvSU Science High School in 2007. Some revisions were made to improve the curriculum in order to meet the present need and demands of the academic communities. The CvSU Science High School is now offering this revised Science Curriculum.

The periods covered by the school under different names since its establishment is as follows:

  • Indang Intermediate School  (1906-1918)
  • Indang Farm School   (1918-1927)
  • Indang Rural High School   (1928-1960)
  • Don Severino National Agricultural School   (1958-1964)
  • Don Severino Agricultural College   (1964-1998)
  • Cavite State University   (1998 to date)

The persons who served as principals and teacher-in-charge of the school since its establishments were:

  • Mr. C.E. Workman  (1906-1908)
  • Mr. Henry Wise   (1908-1911)
  • Mr. Joseph Coconawer    (1911-1915)
  • Mr. Mariano Mondoñedo   (1915-1919)
  • Mr. Simeon Madlangsakay   (1919-1930)
  • Mr. Basilio O. Viado   (1930-1936)
  • Mr. Camilo Guevarra Sr.   (1936-1938)
  • Mr. Santiago Medrano   (1938-1940)
  • Mr. Jose Crisanto   (1940-1941)
  • Mr. Apolonio Muñoz   (1941-1942)
  • Mr. Simeon Madlangsakay   (1942-1945)
  • Mr. Basilio O. Viado   (1945-1953)
  • Mr. Paulino Costa    (1953-1954) 
  • Mr. Agrifino Constantino   (1954-1955)
  • Mr. Leonardo L. Pulido (Teacher-in-charge)   (1955-1956)
  • Mr. Fortunato A. Mojica   (1956)
  • Mr. Salvador Della (Teacher-in-charge)   (1956-1957)
  • Mr. Mariano Macasaet   (1957-1961)
  • Mr. Vicente G. Hicaro (Principal-in-charge)   (1960-1965)
  • Mr. Romeo V. Reyes   (1965-1976)
  • Mr. Florencio delas Alas   (1976-1985)
  • Mr. Camilo Nuestro   (1985-1987)
  • Mr. Ruben M. Astudillo   (1987-1996)
  • Mr. Josefino A. Viado    (1996-1998)
  • Mrs. Estela G. Perido    (1998-Nov.2003)
  • Dr. Lorna L. Penales (Principal-in-Charge)   (Dec.2003-June 2004)
  • Mr. Norberto D. Cuadra   (July 2004-Sept. 21, 2007)
  • Mrs. Estrellita E. Morena (Officer-in-Charge)   (Sept.24,2007-Aug.27,2008)
  • Prof. Dulce Ramos



  1. Offering of the science-oriented secondary curriculum;
  2. develop morally upright and globally competitive individuals;
  3. improvement of student performance; and
  4. improvement of facilities for both students and facilitators of learning


CvSU Science High School Curriculum

Science Curriculum is the present curriculum of Cavite State University Science High School. It aims to improve the students’ preparation for higher pursuits and development of skills and be more competitive in the field of science and technology.

All subjects are taught in English except for the subject Filipino.


            Subjects                                     Units

8          Science Courses                               10.5

7          Mathematics Courses                          9.5

3          Research Courses                               3.5

4          English Courses                                  6.0

4          Filipino Courses                                   4.0

4          Social Studies Courses                        4.0

4          Values Education                                 4.0

4          THE/Computer Courses                        6.0

4          PEHM/CAT Courses                            4.0           



Application Requirements

The Entrance Examination for CvSU Science High School is scheduled every second Tuesday of March. The entrance examination is composed of Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and Science and Mathematics Aptitude Test (SMAT). 

Applicants must present the following requirements for the Entrance Examination:

  • Certification of Ranking (belonging to upper 50% of the graduating class
  • Photocopy of Form 138 – Report Card (as of Third Grading Period is accepted)
  • Certification of Good Moral Character
  • Two 1x1 ID pictures
  • Official Receipt from the CvSU – Cashier’s Office for the payment of examination fee of P150.00 (the fee is subject to change)


Admission Requirements

Applicants who passed the entrance examination shall go through:

  •  Written Interview
  • Oral Interview
  • Medical and Dental Examination 

Afterwards, qualified students shall enroll at the scheduled enrollment date and must submit the following:

  • Certification of Admission (shall be given after the written and oral interviews)
  • Results of Medical and Dental Examination
  • Original Copy of Form 138 – Report Card  

Retention Standards

For a student to remain in the curriculum, he/she must maintain the following academic standards set by the school, which are:

  • Weighted average grade not lower than 80%  in all subjects
  • Weighted average grade not lower than 80%  in Science, Mathematics and Research subjects
  • No failing grade in any subject


            After every academic year, grades of the students are evaluated for scholarship. Below are the two kinds of scholarship a student can enjoy together with the requirements and benefits:

·         Full Scholarship

  • Grade not lower than 85% in all subjects
  • Weighted average grade of 90% or better in Science, Mathematics and Research subjects
  • Monthly stipend (under the discretion of OSA
  • Book Allowance (Under the discretion of OSA)

·         Partial Scholarship


  • Grade not lower than 85% in all subjects
  • Weighted average grade of 88% or better in Science, Mathematics and Research subjects
  • Monthly stipend (under the discretion of OSA
  • Book Allowance (Under the discretion of OSA)


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