Placement Services


The Placement Services Unit is tasked to prepare graduating students/graduates with the necessary information and services thus facilitating possible employment opportunities locally or internationally.

Goals and Objectives

  1. To minimize difficulty in career decision-making and other continuing problems encountered by the students;
  2. To produce competent and marketable students that match the global manpower demand;
  3. To provide up-to-date and relevant information on trends, issues and opportunities in the job market and establish linkages with prospective agencies/institutions for employment of alumni and graduates;
  4. To assess employability of graduates;
  5. To improve curricular offering;
  6. To determine and evaluate the job satisfaction of graduates;
  7. To support enrollment campaign;
  8. To identify human resource needs; and
  9. Establish linkages with local, national and international employment  



The Placement Services include the following:

  • Pre-Employment Seminar
  • Job Fair
  • Directory of Graduates
  • Tracer Studies 

To prepare the graduating students for their entry in the world of work, all graduating students are required to attend the Pre-Employment Seminar and Job Fair.

Procedures to be undertaken to prepare/conduct the following:

Directory of Graduates

  1. Students accomplish completely the OSA Placement Form No.1_Personal Information.
  2. Students submit the accomplished form to respective College Placement Coordinators (CPC).
  3. CPC sports the forms according to discipline/course
  4. CPC forwards the forms to the Vocational Placement Coordinator

Tracer Studies

  1. Students shall be traced two years after graduation.
  2. The College Research Coordinator submits research proposal to the Research Center for funding.
  3. The Job Placement Coordinator (JPC) facilitates the conduct of the study. 
  4. Questionnaires shall be prepared/reproduced by the JPC.
  5. Enumerators shall be hired to distribute/retrieve questionnaires and consolidate data.
  6. JPC encodes the data.
  7. Statistical analysis and interpretation shall be made.
  8. JPC prepares reports and recommendations
  9. JPC submits the completed study to Office of the President.

For monitoring and evaluation purposes, the Placement Services Unit requires:

  • All graduating students to accomplish the Personal Information (OSA Placement Form No.1) and submit it to their respective College Placement Coordinator.
  • Graduates to accomplish the Survey Questionnaire on Tracing of graduates (OSA Placement Form No.2) and submit it to College Placement Coordinator

The College Placement Coordinators submit to OSA Placement Services Unit the following documents:

  1. list of graduates
  2. accomplished OSA Placement Forms 1 and 2
  3. OSA Placement Form No.3_Quarterly Report on Employment Status of Graduates

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