Student Organizations


This unit shall endeavor to accomplish the following goals and objectives with the end view of honing the leadership capabilities of the student leaders in general.

Goals and Objectives

  • assist/supervise the annual programming of activities of student ogranizations;
  • monitor, implement and evaluate programs of student organization activities;
  • coordinate with proper authorities in the implementation of University-wide activities;
  • conduct in-service training for coordinators/student leader, and exposure trips for socio-cultural groups;
  • prepare guidelines/policies for the betterment of student services;
  • provide incentives to deserving students;
  • establish linkages with NGO's in enhancing student development;
  • conduct practicum for the development of specialized skills;
  • preserve, transmit and enrich Filipino Culture and cultural values through theatrical arts, dance, music, etc.; and
  • develop skills and potentials of student writers


Student Organizations

Student organization shall refer to association, club, or any other organized groups of cultural and/or civic organization whose members are students of the University.Those of provincial, sectional, or regional in character or orientation (e.g. Ilocano, Bicolano, Batangueño) are discouraged. Greek letter organizations such as fraternities and sororities are not allowed.

A University-wide student organization shall be one whose members belongs to two or more units. A unit organization shall be one whose members belong exclusively to only one unit of the University and a class organization shall be composed of members of any class of the University.

All University organizations shall be directly under the supervision of the Socio-Cultural Organization unit of the Office of Student Affairs.

Every student organization shall have one or more faculty advisers recommended by such organizations and approved by the Dean of Student Affairs. No student organization may hold any meeting or undertake any activity for any purpose whatsoever, except that of adopting a constitution, before its adviser or advisers are appointed and have assumed office as such.

No student organization shall be allowed to operate without a constitution and by-laws approved by the Dean of Student Affairs. No student organization that advocates physical contact as a form of initiation or trial for membership shall be recognized by the University and is, therefore, not allowed to operate on campus or any other campuses of the University. 


Classification of Student Organization

a.) College/High School Organizations

• Central Student Government and Student Body Organization shall be composed of students enrolled in collegiate and high school levels, respectively.

• Unit organizations shall be one whose members belong exclusively to one unit of the College and high school.

• Class organizations shall be composed of any class or section in the college and high school.

b.) Non-Class organization shall be made up of students who may want to join such organizations without compulsion provided said students are not included in the delinquency list. These organizations are social, cultural, arts, and others of special concerns in nature.


Formation of Student Organizations

a.) Only bona fide students of CvSU may organize. Any direct or indirect involvement of an individual not connected with the University in organizing or running the student organization is absolutely prohibited. However, DepEd-endorsed organizations like YCSC and BSP are exempted.

b.) a letter of request to organize must be submitted to the Dean of Student Affairs, with the following requirements:

  • Objectives of the organization;
  • list of prospective members with their signatures, course and year, home and campus address and name of parents/guardian;
  • name of at least two (2)prospective advisers who are regular faculty members of CvSU with their signatures and letters of acceptance; and
  • Program/Calendar of Activities


a.) For Newly Formed Organizations. A newly formed organization shall be recognized on probation basis for at least one (1) semester.

A duly accomplished application for recognition must be submitted along with the following requirements:

  1. Proposed organization's Constitution and By-Laws signed by its officers;
  2. List of members and their signatures;
  3. List of officers with their signatures, complete home and campus addresses, year and section and the college to which they belong;
  4. Bio-data and two (2) passport size picture (2x2) of the head of the organization;
  5. Work plan/Calendar of Activities for the school year with their corresponding dates. This should include: 
  • Proposed date of activity
  • Title of activity
  • Objectives of the activity
  • type of activity
  • strategies
  • target clientele
  • resource/budgetary requirements
  • expected output

b.) For Existing Organization. Existing organizations and those which were on probation in the previous semester/year that wish to continue must submit the following:

  • Constitution and By-Laws;
  • Updated list of members and their signatures;
  • Bio-data and two (2) passport size photos of the head of the organization;
  • Work plan/Calendar of Activities for the year;
  • Letter of acceptance by at least two regular faculty and staff members of CvSU with their signatures;
  • Accomplishment report during the previous year; and
  • Financial Statement

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