Student Enhancement Activities


            The Office of Student Affairs through its various Units is committed to the conduct of the following different Student Enhancement Activities to prepare the students gain leadership and confidence and ready them for actual employment world:

  1. Orientation Program for freshmen and their parents  
  2. Leadership Training for students
  3. Personality and Character Assessment
  4. Career Pathing of Students
  5. Pre-employment seminar and Job fair for graduating students
  6. Orientation/meeting of scholars or recipients of Financial Assistance Program
  7. Training of Student Peer Facilitators
  8. Orientation Program for Student Organization
  9. Recognition Program for Student Organization
  10. Matching Current Student Disciplines with Market Requirements


               a.    Student Group Accident Insurance

All enrolled students are required to pay annual student group accidental insurance fee of twenty five pesos (P25.00) (figures may be changed without prior notice)

               b.    Mutual Aid Loan Fund

All enrolled student are required to contribute ten pesos (P10.00) per semester (figures may be changed without prior notice) to the Mutual Aid Loan Fund. Said mutual aid loan fund can be availed by any student in need of tuition fee support, thesis, book and other related financial needs.

Approval of requests for application for mutual aid loans shall be on a first-come and first serve basis and subject to availability of funds.

               c.    Certification of Good Moral Character

Students who would like to secure a copy of the Certificate of Good Moral Character should fill up the log book for certificate of good moral character request. All requests should be supported with accomplished University Clearance and official receipt amounting to fifteen pesos (P15.00) (figures may be changed without prior notice) 

PRO-FORMS used by the Office of Student Affairs

OSA Form No. 1_University Curricular Offerings

OSA Form No. 2_Certificate of Good Moral Character

OSA Form No. 3_Application Form for Student Assistant

OSA Form No. 4_Student Assistant Termination Paper

OSA Form No. 5_Referral Slip

Financial Assistance and Scholarship Unit:

  • OSA FASU Form No.1_ Scholarship Application Form
  • OSA FASU Form No.2_Certification of scholarship
  • OSA FASU Form No.3_ Distribution of scholars by type of Scholarship
  • OSA FASU Form No.4_ Distribution Scholarship Contract
  • OSA FASU Form No.5_ JEP Guarantor’s letter format

Guidance Unit:

  • OSA Guidance Form No.1_Application Form for Admission
  • OSA Guidance Form No.2_Examination Permit
  • OSA Guidance Form No.3_Interview Form
  • OSA Guidance Form No.4_Verbal Answer Sheet
  • OSA Guidance Form No.5_Mathematical Answer Sheet
  • OSA Guidance Form No.6_Result of Examination
  • OSA Guidance Form No.7_Notice of Admission for Freshmen
  • OSA Guidance Form No.8_Notice of Admission for Transferees
  • OSA Guidance Form No.9_Notice of Admission for Honor Student
  • OSA Guidance Form No.10_ Notice of Re-admission for Old Student-Returnee
  • OSA Guidance Form No.11_Orientation Letter
  • OSA Guidance Form No.12_Individual Inventory Record
  • OSA Counseling Form No.1_Record of Consultation
  • OSA Counseling Form No.2_Anecdotal Records
  • OSA Counseling Form No.3_Referral OSA Counseling Form No.4_Follow-up Interview Guide
  • OSA Counseling Form No.5_Personality Assessment Form
  • OSA Counseling Form No.6_Application Form for AMWAF
  • OSA Student Formation Form No.1_Incident Report
  • OSA Student Formation Form No.2_Summon letter

NSTP Unit:

  • OSA NSTP-CWTS Form No.1_ Enlistment Form
  • OSA NSTP-CWTS Form No.2_ Acceptance Slip (for late enlistee)
  • OSA NSTP-CWTS Form No.3_ Application for Adding/Dropping of NSTP subject
  • OSA NSTP-CWTS Form No.4_ Report of Completion
  • OSA NSTP-CWTS Form No.5_ Adding/Changing of Grades
  • OSA NSTP-CWTS Form No.6_Letter to the Barangay
  • OSA NSTP-CWTS Form No.7_Acceptance Letter from the Barangay
  • OSA NSTP-CWTS Form No.8_Memorandum of Agreement (CvSU and Barangay)
  • OSA NSTP-CWTS Form No.9_Parent’s Consent


  • OSA SOSCA Form No.1_Application Form for Renewal/Recognition of Student Organization
  • OSA SOSCA Form No.2_Student Waiver Form
  • OSA SOSCA Form No.3_Activity Permit

Placement Unit:

  • OSA Placement Form No.1_Personal Information
  • OSA Placement Form No.2_Survey Questionnaire for Graduates
  • OSA Placement Form No.3_Quarterly Report on Employment Status of Graduates

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