Student Services Program

The Student Services Program prepared by the Office of Student Affairs was designed to wholly develop the students of the University viz-a-viz mission of the University. The Student Services Program provides assistance to the students through the following services: Guidance Services (Testing and Admission, Counseling, and Student Formation); Scholarship and Financial Assistance Services; Student Organization and Socio-Cultural Affairs including Student Publication; Placement of Graduates; and the offering of NSTP subjects and services to the community through the NSTP program.



The Guidance Services Unit represents the University's expression of concern for the students. It exist to assist students in understanding the variety, depth, and breadth of personal experiences, the opportunities available and the many choices open to them. Moreover, students are assisted to recognize, interpret and act upon their personal strengths and resources thereby developing individuals who can plan their work sensibly and solve their problems with high sense of moral values.


The program generally aims to assist in the development of individuals who are well informed, self-directed and adjusted.

Specifically, the organized guidance services are designed to assist students to - 

A.) evaluate their needs, abilities, achievements, aptitudes, interest, etc.g

Students shall undergo NSTP Orientation on the second week of the first month of the 1st Semester. From there, the students will be given option to choose among the NSTP components offered by the University.

Every NSTP component shall schedule enlistment period after the NSTP Orientation. During the enlistment period, the students will register their names and submit pertinent information to the technical staff of their chosen NSTP component.

Components of Guidance Services

1. Basic Guidance Services - 

1.1 Student Orientation Services - This is designed to orient the incoming students in the new level of learning; to assist them in coping with the new surroundings and to aid them to adjust in college life. The Student Orientation is conducted annually, during the first week of June of the Year.

1.2 Appraisal Service - This is designed to collect, analyze and use a variety of objective and subjective tests and non-test data about students to understand them and to assist them understand themselves.


  • Freshmen/Transferee fills up the Individual Inventory Record
  • A week after the opening of classes, the freshmen/transferee fills up the Need Assessment Checklist and other required forms

1.3 Information Services -This service intends to provide students with information in three major areas of concern: educational, occupational and personal-social.


A. Educational

  • The Guidance Counselor prepares orientation program for students and parents
  • The Guidance Counselor updates the Bulletin of Information
  • The Guidance Counselor/Faculty Guidance Coordinator disseminates the information (leaflets, brochures) as regard with the services offered by the OSA

B. Occupational

  • The Guidance Counselor/Faculty Guidance Coordinator coordinates with the Placement Unit regarding the Pre-Employment Seminar and Job Fair
C. Personal-Social
  • The Guidance Counselor/Faculty Guidance Coordinator should have reading materials on Personality Development, Relationship, Health and Leisure etc.
  • The Guidance Counselor/Faculty Guidance Coordinator provides film showing on current trends and issues.
1.4 Counseling Service - It is expected that through this service, students' self-understanding and self-development through dyadic and group relationship will be facilitated.

Procedure on Student Referral:

  • The teacher concerned or Guidance Counselor shall accomplish and endorse the student-client and be kept in the individual file at OSA. 

Procedure on Incident/Offense Report:

  • Person concerned shall accomplish the Incident/Offense Report Form (person reporting or involved in the incident)
  • It should be signed by the Guidance Counselor and be kept in the individual file of the person involved

Procedure on Counseling:

  • The Guidance Counselor shall accomplish the Counseling Anecdotal Record Form bearing the following: problem reported/shared by the student-client; referral form; incident/offense repor
  • The record shall be filed in the individual folder of the student-client and be treated confidentially.

1.5 Planning, Placement and Follow-up - It is designed to enhance the development of students by helping them select and utilize opportunities within the school and labor market.

Procedure on Planning:

  • Guidance Counselor/Faculty Guidance Coordinator plans for career development, placement of students and assist the on self-awareness, educational career exploration and planning and decision-making.
  • Guidance Counselor/Faculty Guidance Coordinator conducts career orientation
  • Guidance Counselor/Faculty Guidance Coordinator gives standardized tests
  • Guidance Counselor/Faculty Guidance Coordinator conducts individual or group counseling
  • Guidance Counselor/Faculty Guidance Coordinator orients students on different career options

Procedure on Placement and Follow-Up: 

  • Conduct pre-employment counseling or seminar
  • extend information service through flyers

1.6 Consultation Services -  It is designed to give technical assistance to teachers, administrators, parents and alumni as regard to student development and how they can be effective in dealing with students.

Procedure on Consultation:

  • Student secures and fills up referral form from OSA
  • He or she submits form ahead of time for scheduling
  • The Guidance Counselor takes note of the discussion that transpired in the consultation
  • The Guidance Counselor files the documents for safekeeping
  • Follow-up may be conducted when necessary

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