Cavite Science Highschool

Faculty Members

Highest Educational Attainment
Alas, Villie S.MA in Science Education major in Chemistry (on-going)
Caudilla, Marina P.Master of Arts in Education - English Language Teaching (on-going)
Cayago, Nicole A.BSE- Biological Sciences
De Mesa, Jaycer B.BSE - Mathematics
Digma, Jon Rush Set S.BSE - Mathematics
Gappe, Elma E.MA Hotel and Restaurant Mngt, MA Philosophy (CAR)
Hubilla, Jefferson A.Master of Technology Education (on-going)
Lorenzo, Mark Joseph A.Master of Arts in Education – Guidance (CAR)
Marinay, Yolanda M.PhD in Curriculum & Instruction (CAR)
Matunog, Oliver P.BSE - Biological Sciences
Mesa, Rufriel S.MAED Mathematics
Olaso, Romlaine L.BSE - History
Perez, Tita S.Master of Arts in Education (CAR)
Rodrin, Hydy May R.MAED Guidance Counseling
Rosarda, Nalla Anncy L.Master of Arts in Mathematics
Tapia, Adrian G.BSE- English