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Faculty Members

Highest Educational Attainment
Alas, Villie S.MA in Science Education major in Chemistry (on-going)
Cayago, Nicole A.BSE- Biological Sciences
De Mesa, Jaycer B.BSE - Mathematics
Digma, Jon Rush Set S.BSE - Mathematics
Gappe, Elma E.MA Hotel and Restaurant Mngt, MA Philosophy (CAR)
Hubilla, Jefferson A.Master of Technology Education (on-going)
Lorenzo, Mark Joseph A.Master of Arts in Education – Guidance (CAR)
Marinay, Yolanda M.PhD in Curriculum & Instruction (CAR)
Matunog, Oliver P.BSE - Biological Sciences
Mesa, Rufriel S.MAED Mathematics
Perez, Tita S.Master of Arts in Education (CAR)
Rodrin, Hydy May R.MAED Guidance Counseling
Rosarda, Nalla Anncy L.Master of Arts in Mathematics
Tapia, Adrian G.BSE- English