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Based on the Memorandum Order promulgated by the CHED, the College of Criminal Justice thru its program B.S. Forensic Science  (BFSc for brevity) aims to:

  • provide the students with a thorough knowledge of the basic scientific crime investigation and detection;
  • provide the students with the adequate education and knowledge on the application of scientific principles and methodologies to legal problems and criminal investigations;
  • provide the students with the competencies and forensic skills at par with international standards; and
  • produce graduates equipped with the necessary forensic skills and expertise in aid of judicial processes.



A graduate of Bachelor of Forensic Science is prepared for careers in:

  1. Scientific crime investigation;
  2. Law enforcement;
  3. Forensic science education;
  4. Foreign or international agencies e.g. United Nations (Department for Peace Keeping Forces) and European Union;
  5. Research / analysis / evaluation of forensic evidence in courts of law;

 This program also provides a good preparation for the study of Law and Medicine and for further forensic science specialization.




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