The CvSU Office of Alumni Affairs (CvSU-OAA), under the Office of University President, serves as a communication link of the University to its alumni. The office seeks to encourage partnership between CvSU and Alumni Associations; and strengthen commitment and support of the alumni to CvSU’s vision and mission. It assists the CvSU Alumni Associations in planning, implementing and monitoring programs, projects and activities and ensures the participation and involvement of alumni in institutional programs, events and activities, whenever possible. It is also tasked to represent the CvSU and CvSU Alumni Associations in both local and international programs, events and activities.


The CvSU – OAA specifically aims to:

  1. Systematize procedures at the Office of Alumni Affairs to ensure quality service to CvSU and its alumni;
  2. Perform coordinative functions between CvSU and local and International Alumni Associations in the conduct of alumni programs/projects/activities;
  3. Establish communication link with alumni;
  4. Systematize alumni profiling system;
  5. Strengthen relations with international alumni

Program Components and Services

1. Research and Documentation

To systematize alumni profiling the CvSU-OAA shall:

  • conduct alumni survey/ alumni tracking of jubilarians, alumni batches (high school, college and graduate school ) and University alumni abroad;
  • track DSAC/CvSU alumni associations abroad;
  • update alumni directory;
  • collect news and information pertaining to alumni; and
  • maintain databank of alumni records

2. Linkages and Network

To establish continuous communication link with CvSU alumni, the CvSU-OAA shall:

  • activate website of Alumni Affairs linked at CvSU website;
  • create a facebook page for alumni affairs;
  • identify alumni coordinators abroad;
  • organize CvSU alumni associations of foreign graduates and alumni associations abroad;
  • plan/layout alumni newsletter;
  • disseminate/publish news and information in alumni newsletter and in facebook page of alumni affairs

3. Administrative

The following are the activities to systematize procedures at the CvSU-OAA to ensure quality service to CvSU and its alumni:

  • conduct consultative with alumni coordinators and alumni associations of the University;
  • formulate operational procedures;
  • plan/ layout pamphlets/brochures of alumni affairs;
  • maintain and update pamphlets/brochures of alumni affairs; and
  • benchmark good practices of alumni affairs of other Universities.

4. Coordinative Services

This service component of CvSU-OAA focuses on assisting the CvSU Alumni Associations in planning, implementing and monitoring the following activities:

  • alumni homecoming, send-off celebrations and oath taking;
  • recognition of achievements of alumni;
  • alumni scholarships and grants;
  • alumni fund drive;
  • continuing education program/seminars/symposia/fora; and
  • official transactions of alumni to the University

5. Internationalization

To strengthen relations with international alumni, the CvSU-OAA shall:

  • identify coordinators for international alumni;
  • identify potentials and interests of international alumni;
  • organize CvSU international alumni;
  • facilitate involvement of alumni in instruction, research and extension activities;
  • update alumni with status, needs and priorities of the University; and
  • recognize achievements of international alumni and their contribution to CvSU institutional development.