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About the Research Center

Research at the Cavite State University (CvSU) began with the conversion of Indang Rural High School into Don Severino Agricultural College in 1964. Since then, the Research Center (RC) has evolved to function as one of the trilogy roles of the University. To date, the University is the seat of the national research, development, and extension for coffee – a status bestowed by the Department of Agriculture Bureau of Agricultural Research. The Research Center exerted serious efforts towards streamlining the Research, Development, and Extension Program by establishing a strong and effective research program that aimed to generate innovative and viable technologies useful to farmers and other clientele. This is done with the goal of improving their standard of living. The University’s research program focused on coffee research, development, and extension. However, to accommodate the ever-increasing need for RD&E activities brought about by the development of the University into a comprehensive one, these thrusts have become more elaborate through the “Faculty and Students Research Capability Enhancement Program” that has been approved by the University Board of Regents in 2004. The University has maintained ties and established collaborative projects with international and local agencies with emphasis on plantation crops, high-value fruits and vegetables, ornamentals, herbs and spices, and poultry and livestock among others.

The research of the University is anchored into specific thrusts otherwise known as thematic areas which set the direction for the researchers on which disciplines or commodities to prioritize. These thrusts have evolved from fourteen to seven as follows: Strengthening Leadership in Coffee R&D; Mainstreaming Kaong R&D towards Environmental Protection and Poverty Alleviation; Sustainable Agriculture and Fisheries; Environment and Natural Resources; Engineering and Technology Development; Health and Wellness; and Human and Societal Development. However, it was deemed appropriate to remove the first two thematic areas because these are commodity-focused. Presently, the research thematic areas are as follows: Agri- Fisheries and Food Security; Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation; Smart Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, and Industrial Competitiveness; Social Development and Equality; and Public Health and Welfare.


Cavite State University shall be a research University equipped with modern facilities geared towards innovating knowledge and improving the lives of the community.


The University aims to develop innovative technologies in various disciplines and commodity thrusts, especially in agriculture. Specifically, it aims to:

  1. generate technologies in various disciplines in the University with emphasis on its major thrusts;
  2. disseminate research results;
  3. establish strong external linkages through the formation of collaborative projects;
  4. strengthen the capability of faculty, researchers, students, and other stakeholders
    in performing research activities; and
  5. recognize outstanding achievements of researchers.


The University shall pursue research agenda which
are responsive to the specific needs of the community brought by present environmental and developmental challenges. Guided by the local and national development thrusts, the University research agenda shall be focused on but not limited to the following:

  1. Agri-Fisheries and Food Security. This thematic area emphasizes developing agriculture and food systems that are economically viable and sustainable to ensure food security as well as improve the quality of life of farmers and fisher folks. Research and extension activities on the following commodities shall be given priority: coffee, kaong, rice, corn, root crops, high-value crops (e.g. banana, pineapple, mango, cacao, and vegetables) poultry and livestock, fisheries and aquaculture, urban agriculture, and organic agriculture.
  2. Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation. This thematic area is concerned with environmental stewardship and equitable allocation and sustainable use of natural resources with emphasis on environmental protection, biodiversity assessment, and monitoring, cleaner environment, climate change, risk reduction management, renewable energy and green technologies, natural resource management, and ecotourism.
  3. Smart Engineering, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and Industrial Competitiveness. The term smart engineering covers the methods, processes, systems, and tools for the cross-disciplinary, system-oriented development of innovative and interconnected products, services, and infrastructures in the field of engineering. Products and process models shall be developed where networking encompasses all stages of development, from interdisciplinary design to production processes and piloting, right the way through product usage and disposal. Smart engineering is about the integration of appropriate product planning, development, and management to ensure the rapid market-ready implementation of innovative products and services and industrial competitiveness through the digital development process. The convergence of the latest computer science and ICT developments in the areas of micro-devices, mobile communication, hardware infrastructures, Internet and software technologies, image recognition and processing, parallel computing, complex adaptive systems, and bioinformatics shall be given emphasis. A strong focus shall also be given to mathematics and statistics applications or writing services for instance services or apps such as industrial and biological modeling, biomedical, social, and theoretical statistics; computational mathematics, discrete pure mathematics and physics/engineering.
  4. Social Development and Equality. This thematic area focuses on educational, criminological, and social sciences researches and development initiatives with emphasis on sustainable development, economic development, gender and development, community development, governance, poverty alleviation, social behavior, attitude and norms, capacity building, peace process and conflict resolution, disaster risk management and social transitions, pedagogy, special education, ICT and education, among others. This area aims to create inclusive growth and development, social harmony, and equal opportunities among the different social groups and to lessen economic divide, inequality, and marginalization in society.
  5. Public Health and Welfare. This area deals with research on protecting and improving human health and welfare which includes research on diseases or conditions that may be transmitted to humans from humans or animals and vice versa as well as those connected with the environment as a whole. Disciplines that are also covered are those dealing with epidemiology, statistics, environment, behavior and sociology, economics, mental health, public policy, public safety, delivery of health services, occupational safety, and other related fields.

Organizational Structure

Organizational Chart Research Center

Unit Accomplishment

Laboratory Maintenance

Research Center acquired a number of laboratory equipment; 25 air-conditioning units were installed in the laboratories to maintain laboratory temperature, one fume hood, seven eyewash with shower, and five laboratory benches. The Center is still waiting for the GC-MS, Gel Documentation System, UV Vis Spectrophotometer, and Fat Extractor.

Aside from the equipment, the Research Center also prioritized infrastructure projects like the installation of an elevator and the finishing of the roof of the Interdisciplinary Research Building.

Likewise, to ensure optimal working conditions and conservation of the life span of the equipment Preventive Maintenance was done. Accredited service technicians were hired to do onsite calibration and preventive maintenance of the following: refrigerated centrifuge (Hanil mega 17 R), cell culture incubator (BIOBASE BJPX H6411), bio-freezer -80, laminar flow hood, shaker incubator, medical refrigerator, freeze dryer (OPERON FDU-8612), UV-VIS spectrophotometer, rotary evaporator (IKA RV10), and pipettors (Sartorius, Nichiryo).

Paper Presented


Research Center

Webinar Series
Capability Enhancement of Researchers
Conducted Webinars

Title of Webinar Date Speaker No. of Participant
Researching Literature Review: Why Should We Care? June 29, 2020 Dr. Cabanda


Beyond Borders: Research Challenges for Filipino Scientists July 18, 2020 Dr. Gicana


Writing Research Proposals: Selling your Sciences in the New Normal  July 21, 2020 Dr. Lando


Getting your Papers Published with facharbeit schreiben lassen July 28, 2020 Dr. Talactac


Applying Research Ethics Principles, The Informed Consent Form and Process September 23, 2020 Dr. Estacio 1651
Institutional Roles and Research Ethics Dr. Dalmacio
Experiences on Ethics Review of Researches of ghostwriting agentur September 24, 2020 Dr. Alvarez 1635
National Ethical Guidelines and National Regulation Prof. Jimenez


Egxiting: Egg Grading, Sexing, and Sorting using Image Processing and Artificial Neural Network Prof. Sheryl Fenol SEPT 1, 2019-AUGUST 31,2020 499,000
Development of Field-Test Kit for Detection of Methanol Contamination in Alcoholic Beverages Dr. Hosea Matel SEPT.2020-MARCH 2021 1,074,900


Technology Piloting of a Tissue Culture Growth Chamber for Mass Propagation of Coffee and Embryo-Cultured Growth Chamber for Mass Propagation of Coffee and Embryo-Cultured Makapuno (ECM) Engr. Gerry M. Castillo

Engr. Al Eugene Torres

Engr. Ric Karl T. Flores

SEPT.2020-MARCH 2021 888,980.00
Commercialization of Specialty Coffee Food Products Dr. Ruel M. Mojica JAN.2019-DEC.2020 4,890,278.4
Upgrading of the Bio-Analytical Services Facility (BASF) of Cavite State University Towards ISO or Third-Party Accreditation Dr. Agnes Alimboyouguen OCT.2019-OCT.2020 5,000,000
Higher Education Cooperation Towards Transitional Education Open Resources (Hector) Dr. Rhodora S. Crizaldo OCT. 2019-SEPT.2021 5,200,000
Comparison on Different Enzyme Preparations for Production of Oligofructose and Inulin from Sugarcane Juice Dr. Hosea Matel 2017-2021 9,167,784
Low-Cost Portable Molecular Diagnostic Platform for Rapid Detection of Poultry Infectious Pathogens (LMDP) Dr. Ma. Cynthia R. dela Cruz SEPT. 2018-AUGUST 7,006,412.52
Patent Mining Program for Selected AANR Commodities through Strengthened IP-TBM Offices Dr. Teddy Tepora JAN. 2021-DEC.2022 69,830,168.88
Commercialization of Specialty Coffee Food Products Dr. Ruel M. Mojica JAN.2019-DEC.2020 4,890,278.4
Molecular-Based Method of Determining the Authenticity of Coffee (Coffea spp.) sold in the Philippine Market Dr. Miriam D. Baltazar
Angelbert D. Cortes
Jermaine Marie Ann O. Fabella
JAN 2020 – JUN. 2022 5,172,777.20

On-going Projects

1 Properties of Activated Carbon from Sugar Palm (Arenga pinnata) Processing By-Products Prepared Under Different Activation Conditions Sheryl Dinglasan , Dr. Lorenzo Lapitan JUNE 2018- MAY 2021 SPRINT CRG 200,000.00
2 Gampanin ng Kape sa Kulturang Kabitenyo at Wikang Filipino Lady Aileen Orsal , Marilou Matilla ,Emeliza Cruz, Lisette Mendoza,Rosa Hernandez, Bernard Feranil,Kimmi Dane Jimenez, Raymon Carlo Orsal, Ruby Manaig, Raquel Agustin, Bettina Joyce Ilagan, Jennifer Hernandez, Agnes Francisco, Erica Hernandez, Catherine Mojica, Allan Robert Solis , Manny Romeroso, Jocelyn Legaspi JUNE 2018- MAY 2020 CAS CRG 200,000.00
3 Water Quality Assessment of Labac-Alemang River and Cañas River in Cavite Philippines through Aquatic Macroinvertibrates and Physico-Chemical Parameters Evelyn O. Singson, Jo-Ann T. Ductucan DEC. 2018-DEC.2020 CAFENR CRG 199,790.00
4 Antibiotic Production from Actinomycetes Isolated from Soil and Leaf Litter Yolanda A. Ilagan, Janelle Smantha Roco JAN. 2019-DEC.2020 CAS CRG 75,000.00
5 Antimicrobial, Antibiofim and Cytotoxic activities of Amorphophallus campanulatus (Pungapong) (3 study) Yolanda A. Ilagan, Ruel Christian V. Layugan JAN. 2019-DEC.2020 CAS CRG 75,000.00
6 Project PETMALU: Providing Efficiencies, Techniques, and Methods for the Attainment of a Lean University Willie C. Buclatin JAN. 2019-DEC.2020 CEIT CRG 200,000.00
7 Antibiotic Sensitivity Profile and Dominant Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Selected Avian Bacterial Pathogens from Commercial Poultry Farms in Upland Cavite Ma. Cynthia R. dela Cruz
Nelson J.Montialto
Ma. Fatima I. Cruzada
Yves Roy M. Tibayan
JAN. 2019-DEC.2020 CVMBS CRG 200,000.00
8 Development of a Micro-Scale Microcontroller-Based Kaong Syrup and Brown Sugar Making Machine Marilyn M. Escobar
Marivic G. Dizon
Emeline Guevarra
JAN. 2019-DEC.2020 CEIT CRG 200,000.00
9 Characterization and Performance of Students and Graduates of College of Education Cecilia B. Banaag JAN.2019-DEC. 2020 CED CRG 200,000.00
10 Development of a Low-cost Micro controller-based Smoking Machine for Tinapa Processing Gee Jay C. Bartolome, Camilo A. Polinga , Vennus Florence N. Vicedo, John Michael A. Dharma Ruth Angeli L. Burton, Alvin A. Castro JAN 2019-DEC. 2020 ROSARIO CRG 200,000.00
11 Morphological and Lexical Variation of Tagalog Nominal and Pronominal Systems in Cavite: Basis for the Development of an aggregate of Discrete Tagalog Nouns and Pronouns Spoken by Caviteños Agnes C. Francisco Catherine R. Mojica OCT. 2018-SEPT.2020 CAS CRG 83,490.00
12 Documentation and Analysis of Completed Researches of Undergraduate Students of Business Management from 2012-2018 Gener T. Cueno , Sherrie Rhose M. Matel Princess M. Feliciano Tania Marie P. Melo Janice E. Paiton JAN.2019-DEC.2019 CEMDS CRG 32,013.00
13 Social Vulnerability Assessment of Coastal Barangays in Naic, Cavite Leah C. Navarro Elsa D. Nueva, Paulo Cullado, Elvira V. Balleza, Catherine S. Diones Adiliza G. Nazareno Diosalyn T. Galang JAN. 2020-DEC.2020 NAIC CRG 122,700.00
14 Decision Support system on Faculty profiling using Fulltex search algorithm Ms. Regene L. Hernandez Mr. Richard L. Hernandez Mr Nestro F. Bueno JULY 2019-JUNE2021 CARMONA CRG 80,700.00
15 iMApp: A Knowledge based Mobile application for introduction to computing using inference Engine Mr. Richard L. Hernandez JULY 2019-JUNE2021 CARMONA CRG 89,550.00
16 Queuing Management System for Cavite State University Prof. Marlon R. Perena NOV. 2019-OCT. 2020 CEIT CRG 161,000.00
17 Gender Characterization and Competency and competency appraisal of students and graduates of the college of education Dr. Liza C. Costa NOV. 2019-OCT. 2020 CED CRG 48,000.00
18 Compliance and predicaments encountered in the risk reduction and disasters preparedness program (RRDPP) of Selected Academic Institutions in 5th District of Cavite: A Basis for Revisiting Institutional RRDPP Mr. Carlo Emil B. Manabo NOV. 2019-OCT. 2020 CARMONA CRG 160,095.00
19 Optimization Models for Coffee-Based Production system Engr. Gerry M. Castillo, Al Eugene L. Torres, Sheryl D. Fenol NOV.2019-OCT.2020 NCRDEC CRG 200,000.00
20 Development of Ergonomically- Designed Laboratory- Scale Coffee Dryer and Huller Engr. Gerry M. Castillo NOV. 2019-OCT.2021 NCRDEC CRG 200,000.00
21 NCRDEC Information system Engr. Al Eugene L. Torres NOV. 2019-OCT. 2021 NCRDEC CRG 200,000.00
22 Internalization of Cavite State University Campuses MA. Cynthia R. Dela Cruz , Luisita Am Marzan , Liane Vina G. Ocampo NOV. 2019-OCT. 2020 IMUS CRG 100,000.00
23 Serological Evaluation of the Antibody Titers of Veterinarians, Veterinary Students and Animal Against Rabies Virus in Cavite Melbourne R. Talactac DEC.2019-NOV. 2020 CVMBS CRG 200,000.00
24 Molecular Survey of Zoonotic Soil Transmitted Helminths and Blood Parasites in Domestic Animals in Selected Municipalities in Cavite Adrian Miki C. Macalanda DEC.2019-NOV.2021 CVMBS CRG 200,000.00
25 The Impact of Parental Internalization Role to the Families in Cavite Armi Grace B. Desingano JAN. 2020-DEC.2021 CAS CRG 120,700.00
26 Development and Acceptability of Weather and Disaster Risk Awareness Information System in the City of Bacoor Rocelle U. Camposagrado NOV. 2019-OCT. 2021 BACOOR CRG 199,950.00
27 Essential Competencies Evaluation of Hospitality Management Programs of CvSU- Imus Campus Florabhel R. Tinte,Mary Leth C. Pascual , Rafael Curimao NOV. 2019-OCT. 2020 IMUS CRG 38,000.00
28 Dietary Behavior of School Children and Nutritional Awareness of their Parents: Basis for Developing a Nutrition Education Program for Selected 4ps Beneficiaries barangay Molino 2 Natividad R. Ferriol , Christian Mark G , Lorenzana , Ericson M. Mercado , Katherine T. Santos NOV. 2019-OCT. 2021 BACOOR CRG 152,000.00
29 Population Dynamics and Distribution of the Coffee Berry Borer Dr. Teddy Tepora, Dr. Evelyn O Singson JULY 2019-MAY 2022 RESEARCH CRG 200,000.00
30 Development of Marketing Strategies for Aguinaldo blend coffee in Selected cities of Cavite Ms. Janice Nealega, Menvyluz S. Macaladlad . Fe S. Dullavin,Ronan M. Cajigal DEC. 2019-MAY 2021 BACOOR CRG 163,960.00
31 Indang Ahuy: Personal Recounts of Indangeños on the Origin and Cultural Experiences on Native Delicacies in Indang , Cavite Towards the Development of a Cultural Preservation Program Mr. Joether A. Francisco, Gil D. Ramos , Agnes C. Francisco , Paul V. Hilario, Armo Grace B. Desingaño DEC. 2019 – NOV. 2021 CAS CRG 111,000.00
32 Immunohistochemical Profiling of Estrogen Receptors in Reproductive Organs of Philippine Mallard Duck*anas platyrhaynchos L.) Desiree C. Delmundo DEC. 2019-NOV. 2020 CVMBS CRG 75,000.00
33 Coastal Profiling and Environmental Assessment of Manila bay Areas in Cavite City Emeriza Caparaz JAN 2019-DEC. 2020 CAVITE CITY CRG 120,000.00
34 Morphological, Histological, and Genetic diversity Analysis of Itik Pinas and Philippine Native Duck ( Anas pllatyrhychis L.) Breeds Mariedel L. Autriz, Cristina F. Olo , Ma. Cecille N. Basa DEC. 2019-NOV. 2020 CAFENR CRG 166,000.00
35 Microscale Assessment of Agricultural of Agricultural land abandonment: the Case of the municipality indang ,Cavite Marlon A. Mojica, Laarni B. Basa, Junser P. Magpantay, Robert T. Ingal DEC. 2019-NOV. 2020 CEMDS CRG 200,000.00
36 Mangrove and Seagrass Rehabilitation in Ternate Cavite Glenn Bryan Creencia DEC.2019-NOV.2020 CAFENR CRG 118,290.00
37 Determinants of Performance of Science Highschool Students Cecilia B. Banaag JAN 2019-DEC. 2020 CED CRG 26,000.00
38 Determinants of Performance and Status of HEVTED students and Graduates Nancy C. Alaras JAN 2019-DEC. 2020 CED CRG 65,000.00
39 Determinants of Performance and status of Education Students and Graduates Isaias A. Banaag JAN 2019-DEC. 2020 CED CRG 78,000.00
40 Determinants of Performance and Status of OGS Students and Graduates of Education Agnes Nuestro JAN 2019-DEC. 2020 CED CRG 26,000.00
Design and Development of Automated Laboratory- Scale Green Coffee Beans Grader and Storage Equipment
Gerry M. Castillo
Al Eugene Torres
Ric Karl T. Flores
OCT.2020-SEPT.2022 NCRDEC CRG 200,000.00
42 Soil Physico- Chemical Assessment and Mapping of Coffee farm Areas in Cavite Al Eugene Torres
Kris Rowell S. Garcia
Gerry M. Castillo
Antonette Jean L Magcamit
Ric Karl T. Flores
Maowel A. Villanueva
Jayvee M. Mojica
Gee Jay C. Bartolome
OCT.2020-SEPT.2022 NCRDEC CRG 200,000.00
43 Tree Inventory and Assessment in Cavite State University- Don Severino delas Alas Campus, Indang Cavite Philippines, Using Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing Junser P. Magpantay OCT.2020-MARCH 2022 CAFENR CRG 200,000.00
44 Preparedness of SUCs in CALABARZON in the Implementation of
Flexible Learning in the New Normal
Rhodora S. Crizaldo
Jovan B. Alitagtag
Jake Raymund F. Fabregar
SEPT. 2020-DEC.2020 CED CRG 147,000.00
SUBTOTAL CRG 6,234,238.00
45 Development and Implementation of Security Enhancement using ICT for Cavite State University Ria Clarisse L. Mojica JAN 2019-DEC. 2020 CEIT FSRCEP 75,000.00
46 Alternative Feed Materials for Rabbit Cherry Reyes Alvarez NOV.2019-AUG.2020 CVMBS FSRCEP 50,000.00
47 Paperless Clearance System for Cavite State University Russel Villcarlos JAN 2019-JAN. 2020 CEIT FSRCEP 50,000.00
48 Commercialization of Specialty Coffee Food Products Ruel M. Mojica JAN.2019-DEC.2020 RESEARCH DA-BAR/ Magallanes Women’s Club Multi-Purpose Cooperative 4,890,278.40
49 Upgrading of the Bio-Analytical Services Facility (BASF) of Cavite State University Towards ISO or Third Party Accreditation Agnes Alimboyouguen OCT.2019-OCT.2020 RESEARCH DA-BAR 5,000,000.00
50 Higher Education Cooperation Towards Transational Education Open Resources ( Hector) Rhodora S. Crizaldo OCT. 2019-SEPT.2021 RESEARCH CHED 5,200,000.00
51 Reinvigorating the BS Agriculture: Developing Graduates as Agri- Technopreneurs Analita Magsino NOV. 2018-OCT.2020 CAFENR CHED 4,800,000.00
52 Egxiting: Egg Grading, Sexing, and Sorting using Image Processing and Artificial Neural Network Sheryl Fenol SEPT.2019-AUG.2020 RESEARCH (2019 Young Innovators Program Grant) 499,000.00
53 Development of Field-Test Kit for Detection of Methanol Contamination in Alcoholic Beverages Hosea Matel SEPT.2020-MARCH 2021 RESEARCH DOST-CALABARZON 1,074,900.00
54 Patent Mining Program for Selected AANR Commodities through Strengthend IP-TBM Offices Teddy Tepora JAN. 2021-DEC.2022 RESEARCH DOST-PCAARRD 69,830,168.88
55 Technology Piloting of a Tissue Culture Growth Chamber for Mass Propogation of Coffee and Embryo-Cultured Growth Chamber for Mass Propogation of Coffee and Embryo-Cultured Makapuno (ECM) Gerry M. Castillo
Al Eugene Torres
Ric Karl T. Flores
56 Low-Cost Portable Molecular Diagnostic Platform for Rapid Detection of Poultry Infectious Pathogens (LMDP) Dr. Ma. Cynthia R. dela Cruz OCT. 2019 – SEP. 2022 CVMBS Newton Agham 7,006,412.52
57 Molecular-Based Method of Determining the Authenticity of Coffee (Coffea spp.) sold in the Philippine Market Miriam D. Baltazar
Angelbert D. Cortes
Jermaine Marie Ann O. Fabella
JAN 2020 – JUN. 2022 NCRDEC DA – Biotech 5,172,777.20
58 Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas and Rizal Dr. David L. Cero, Dr. Analita dM. Magsino, Ms. Jo-an T. Ducducan, Ms. Amyel Dale L. Cero OCT. 2019 – APRIL. 2021 CAFENR DA-RO-4A 3,860,000.00
59 Pilot Testing an LGU-Based Common Service Mussel Depuration Facility Prof. Arminia B. Pugay JAN. 2019 – JUN 2020 NAIC DOST – PCAARRD 1,193,575.00
60 Various Research and Development Activities for Emerging Energy Technologies Dr. Camilo A. Polinga , Mr. Danielito R. Escaño, Dr. Marilyn M. Escobar JAN. 2020 – DEC. 2021 CEIT DOE 6,000,000.00
61 Support to the University’s Strategies in Technology Acceleration Initiatives by Nurturing (SUSTAIN) the Intellectual Property and Technology Business Management (IP-TBM) Offices of the Consortia Member Agencies Dr. Teddy F. Tepora JAN. 2020 – DEC. 2021 KMC DOST – PCAARRD 11,370,297.20
62 Enhancing the Agri-Aqua Food Value Chain through Smart Technologies and Partnerships towards Food Resiliency in the New Normal in CALABARZON Engr. Gerry M. Castillo SEP. 2020 – AUG. 2021 NCRDEC DOST – PCAARRD 2,912,672.00
63 Bio-physical Characterization, Vulnerability and Pollution Assessment in Imus River Watershed Prof. Noel A. Sedigo NOV. 2020 – APR. 2021 CAFENR PEMSEA 1,694,270.76
64 Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell Using Electrode Processed Ms. Sheryl D. Fenol OCT. 2020 – SEP. 2021 CEIT DOST – PCIEERD 499,500.00
65 Evaluative Study of Coffee Quality and Processing Practices in Cavite Dr. Analita dM. Magsino, Eufemio G. Barcelon, Jason D. Braga OCT. 2020 – JUN. 2021 CAFENR DA-PRDP 1,000,000.00
SUBTOTAL External Fund 132,971,831.96
TOTAL 139,381,069.96

Contact Details:

For any concern, feel free to contact us through the following:
Landline: (046) 862-1654
Mobile Phone: +639270110387