The CvSU Health service is basically a supportive unit of University. It is in charged with the delivery of the basic health services which are promotive, preventive, and curative and to some extent rehabilitative. Its vital role is towards the achievements of delivering quality, affordable accessible health services with maximum enjoyment of good health to its clientele.

Its services are also extensively utilized by the University for its student practicum, on the job training and in varying degrees for health manpower development and research as well as for rural development program.



For the past few years the Health services unit has been extending services to CvSU students, faculty members, and employees. Dependents and immediate family members of the faculty members and staff also avail of the free services of the unit. At present, with more than 7,000 clientele, the Unit can no longer meet their demands hence it is proposed to have a secondary hospital to be duly licensed by the Department of Health and accredited by Phil health. As a secondary hospital it will be capable of handling simple and uncomplicated case as well as major and minor surgical cases which require the attention of specialist Doctors and the use of medical equipments and facilities. Serious cases which require the use of sophisticated equipment are then referred to a tertiary hospital.

Our clientele are with priority but not limited for students, faculty members and staff but also extended to outsiders particularly the GSIS and SSS members under the provision of Phil health as well as the poorest ones.



To provide the highest attained patient care by making “the right to health” a reality through:

  1. delivering quality, affordable and accessible health services
  2. arousing community health awareness
  3. promoting better health services in the work place
  4. mobilizing health resources



Health is a basic human right. A continuous set of quality services must be provided to assure the reality of this right, not only to the academic community of the University but also to the resident of Indang and nearby municipalities.



In order to realize our vision and mission, we have the following general and specific objectives.


General Objectives:

  1. To provide the best possible promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health services to the clients
  2. To deliver quality, affordable, accessible health services


Specific Objectives:

A) To provide curative care in terms of the following:

a.1 out patient medical and dental consultation including minor a light major surgical and dental care

a.2 In patient secondary treatment and confinement

a.3 Emergency care treatment

B) To engage in preventive and promotive health activities such as:

b.1 Pre- employment physical, dental and laboratory examination.

b.2 Annual physical, dental and laboratory examination of the faculty member, staff and employees.

b.3 Physical, dental and laboratory examination of all students.

b.4 Annual medical examination of all food handlers and vendors within the University campus.

b.5. Establishment of medical ancillary services which include laboratory, x-ray, pharmacy, ambulance and civic action services.

b.6 Family planning, Pre-Natal, Post-Natal and well baby clinic.

b.7. Immunization Program.

b.8. Food, water and environmental sanitation which include insect and vermin control and waste disposal program.


C) To develop advocacy for its rural and development program for the enhancement of health awareness of community through the following:

c.1. Conduct or attend different outreach lectures, conferences, seminars on health related issues in coordination with the different health agencies of the government.

c.2 Perform pioneering activities and research work pertaining to a competitive therapeutic option in the treatment of the diseases.

c.3 Awareness on the importance of environmental conservation.


D) To work cohesively with the University administration on how to expand the health benefits and privileges of students, faculty and employees and their dependents.

Target clientele / Area Coverage:

The hospital intends to provide health service not only to the academic community of the University but also to the residents of Indang and nearby communities.

Organizational Set Up:

The health services shall be headed by the Director of the Hospital. Under him are the head of Medical Department, Nursing Services Department, Administrative and Ancillary Department.