General Rules

  1. Students are required to wear their valid I.D. and official uniform when entering the library except on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The library shall exempt students who belong to colleges that hold activities upon presentation of request letter signed by the College Dean.
  2. Student’s ID is required as access to the library. This card is non-transferable. Misrepresentation by showing someone else’s ID is an offense. Students caught doing such act may be deprived of their library privileges for a period of two weeks.
  3. A borrower’s cars is issued to all students upon presentation of their Registration Form (RF) and one (1) piece of 1×1 ID picture. The card must be validated every semester. Lost borrowers card can be replaced upon submission of an Affidavit of Loss and payment or P20.00 for the first offense and P30.00 for the second offense.
  4. Referral letter is issued to faculty and students of CvSU who wish to do research in other libraries with a fee of P5.00 per referral letter.
  5. Other non-CvSU clientele is allowed to use the L.Diwa every Thursdays only upon presentation of a valid ID from their respective institutions/offices where they are enrolled/employed together with a referral and payment of P30.00 as library fee.
  6. Readers are reminded that the library is primarily for serious study and research.

Borrowing Rights and Responsibilities

  1. CvSU graduate students may borrow a maximum of five (5) books (circulation) while undergraduate students may borrow a maximum of three (3) books (circulation) at a time.
  2. Books from the circulation section can be loaned for one (1) week and may be renewed for another week if not needed by other users.
  3. Reserved books are generally for ROOM USE ONLY.
  4. Reference books, periodicals, theses and dissertations are limited to ROOM USE ONLY and must be borrowed one at a time.
  5. Books for ROOM USE ONLY (only 1 copy each title) may be borrowed for photocopying but should be returned immediately.
  6. All materials borrowed must be returned on the date/time due.
  7. Theses/dissertations are for ROOM USE ONLY and any part of such could not be photocopied.