The International Students of United Nations hoped to unite with the university as they model all foreign students in the university as to lift up higher the vision of the university in developing globally competitive and morally upright individuals.


International Students of United Nations shall comply with all academic rules and regulations of the university as to achieve the vision and mission set forth by university. It shall uphold and utilize all relevant and educational opportunities in colleges of the university as to promote and protect the high reputation built by the university since 1906 till date. It shall produce law abiding and peaceful candidates who will serve as crusaders to attract other foreigners into the university.


Sequel to, and in support of the vision, mission and by-laws, our aims and objectives is to have a unified body of foreign students who will support and encourage each other as to maintain the focus that led us into Philippines and much more into Cavite State University. And also to take our studies more serious in order to graduate with honors were possible as to make our parents, sponsors, supporters, our countries, instructors, professors and the university proud.


The dream of setting up an organization on behalf foreign students in Cavite State University was hatched on a good day that Mahel ThankGod A. perused through student handbook and found out on page 5, 6,  were the handbook states that when foreign students are more than 5, an adviser should be designated to look after their welfare. Based on this academic rules and regulations, the said name and person above met with the dean of student’s affairs with the sole aim to inquire if foreign students in the university had any adviser. However, at the end of meeting with the dean, records showed that there was none and on that juncture, the dean promised that an organization will put in place and also appoint someone to man it.

Hence, we wish to thank the dean and cavite State University immensely for fulfilling their promise which gave birth to International Students of United Nations (ISUN).

The said organization was formerly inaugurated on 15th August, 2012 and Mahel ThankGod Amukele a second year student of College of Arts and Sciences taking up Bachelor of Arts in English was recommended to be the President of the organization and the recommendation was ratified on 28th August, 2012 general meeting and election of officers of ISUN. The organization had its first general meeting on August 28, 2012 and the following officer were elected and dedicated into office.