It is a big hall named after Santiago M. Rolle, the University’s First President. It can accommodate 250 people. It is suitable for wedding receptions, birthdays, seminar and workshops, political events etc.

The following are the general provisions for the use of the Rolle Hall:

  1. Application for reservation shall be filed with the OBA at least 10 working days prior to the scheduled event. The following shall be furnished a copy each upon approval of the application: OBA, Social Hall In-charge, Civil Security and Requisitioned/ user

-Fifty percent (50%) down payment shall be required from the requisiteness/users and the other 50% to be paid not later than a day before gathering.

-Down payment made for withdrawn reservation shall be forfeited in favor of the University.

-In cases where the user shall avail the services of a private caterer such caterer shall negotiate with OBA for the business permit with a fee for the occasion and/or the user himself shall shoulder the said fee. The caterer shall as well observe items c, d & e below.

  1. Except for the facilities available in the hall, other needs in the gathering shall be borne by the user
  2. It is strictly prohibited to:

-Use and/or possess illegal drugs, prohibited drinks as wine, alcohol, etc, firearms and other deadly weapons while inside the hall and its surroundings

  1. proper usage of facilities and premises as well as the practices of proper sanitation and hygiene procedures shall always be observed.
  2. The University has the right to demand replacement or payment on any destruction made by the user based on the assessment of the committee created for the purpose
  3. Discounts – Discounts may be availed by the following:

– Faculty member/employees- 20%

-CvSU school organizations -30%