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Program Description

The Biological Science Program for BS Biology students is designed for equipping graduates with skills and knowledge in human resources that will enhance the progress of this agriculturally-based country depending on their specialization.  In the said program, the course curriculum is systematically given from first year to fourth year, assuring that BS Biology students will be given all necessary subjects to be used once they are in the field. There are lots of private and government owned and controlled corporations and research institutions which can readily make use of their knowledge in their chosen career. An increasing number of industries are now becoming allied to biological sciences especially to the pharmaceutical food and scientific supply manufacturing.


The program aims to:

1. equip students with basic foundation in biological sciences which will enable them to fully understand allied science;

2.  train students on scientific methods of acquiring knowledge essential in the society;

3. arm the students with the skills necessary to provide extension services to various clientele; and

4. prepare them in conducting basic and applied researches relevant to college thrust


Program Description and Objectives

This program aims to produce graduate students equipped with knowledge and skills, attitude and values, ethics and competence that professionals need, as well as the capacity to anticipate and respond to the need of rapidly developing media.

In addition, graduates of this program may pursue the following career paths but not limited to broadcast journalists, corporate communicators, editors, media relations specialists, media researchers, news analysts, news organization representatives, public broadcasting agents, public relations practitioners, photo journalists, proof readers, program directors, reporters, website developers and writers.


Program Description

 Bachelor of Arts in English provides a comprehensive program of reading, writing, and critical thinking. Students read, discuss, analyze, and write about challenging works of recognized literary merit to develop honest, concise, and effective use of language and the ability to organize ideas in a clear, coherent, and persuasive way. Independent literary analysis and a total mastery of writing skills are goals of the course.




 The program aims to:

1. train students and develop them to become competent and well-equipped English language    teachers and  trainers; and

2.  prepare students for English language oriented career in the industry, business, and academe.


Program Description

This program is designed to provide students with knowledge-based methods, content areas and essential theories in the field of psychology. It seeks to facilitate the development of intellectual skills and characteristics that enhance the students’ lifelong personal and career success. The program begins with General Psychology course and includes courses in quantitative methods and experimental designs. Additional course work is selected from a broad range of available courses.  Students are encouraged to pursue breath across the areas of Psychology particularly when planning for advanced study in Psychology. The department does, however, identify sets of courses particularly relevant for students interested in clinical, school, or industrial/ organizational psychology.


 The program aims to:

1.  train students in psychological assessment of human behavior by proper administration, scoring and interpretation of psychometric instruments;

2.  prepare students for the professional-global competitiveness in the field of education, industrial and clinical setting;

3.  equip students with exposure and hand-on training through extension  service in the community; and

      4. develop students’ skills and potentials.


 Program Description

 Political Science, as a discipline, delves into multifarious and intricate activities of man as well as political, economic, social and cultural processes. Students are trained for careers in politics, law, teaching, civil service, and foreign service. Furthermore, students are equipped with knowledge and skills in discharging their rights and obligations as members of a democratic community, to prepare them to be vigilant, dynamic, and civic-spirited citizens.


The program aims to:

1. train students in the conduct of social science research specifically political science;

2. prepare students for careers in law, foreign service, business, education, and civil service; and

3. develop students’ skills and potentials.


Program Description

The curriculum of the program is geared towards developing competent social workers equipped with desirable social, cultural and moral values. Its aim is to produce globally competitive social workers needed to promote social growth and people empowerment through various social and community activities.


Upon successful completion of the program, its graduates are expected to:

  1. be equipped with knowledge and skills necessary for beginning professional generalist practice with individuals, families, groups and communities;
  2. promote social growth and people empowerment through various social and community activities;
  3. be globally competitive and morally upright individuals responsive to the needs and demands of the society; and
  4. pass the licensure examination for social workers.



Major in Statistics

Program Description


The BS Applied Mathematics major in Statistics is offered by the College of Arts and Sciences through the Department of Physical Sciences. It is enhanced with Certificate in Information System Management and can be taken as a regular four-year course offering and an inter-modal three-year course program.


It has a balance between a holistic general education program and a substantial mathematics curriculum. The curriculum for the undergraduate mathematics program has a total of 63 units of general education courses and 78 units of mathematics and statistics courses.


The program aims to: 

1. train students and develop them to become competent and well-equipped instructors to teach mathematics in  college; and

2. prepare students for mathematics oriented career in industry, business and public administration.


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