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The COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (CEIT) started as the Department of Agricultural Engineering in1976. It offered basic agricultural engineering courses required by the BSA curriculum.

In 1985, the unit was renamed to Department of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (DEAIT). By virtue of Board Resolution No. 5, S1985, it started to offer Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering on the first semester of SY 1985 - 1986.

In 1992, the department was elevated to the School status. This resulted in the creation of two (2) distinct departments: the Engineering Science Department and the Agricultural Engineering Department. The formation of these departments delineated the basic engineering science courses from the agricultural engineering courses.

In 1993, the Department of Engineering Technology was created. The newly created department offers non-degree courses in engineering technology.

In 1998, when the College was elevated to University status, the School of Engineering (SEng) was subsequently elevated to the College level and was named as the College of Engineering (CEng).

To accommodate IT courses offerings; the College was renamed as the College of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT) in 2001.

As approved by the Board of Regents, CEIT offers various engineering programs, computer-based programs, and industrial technology programs.






Extension Services


College Vision

To be the center of excellence in the fields of engineering, industrial, and information technology.


College Mission

The College of Engineering and Information Technology was established to provide quality and affordable education through relevant instruction, research, and extension in the fields of engineering, information technology, and allied technologies towards the development of globally competent and morally upright individuals.


College Goal

The College shall endeavor to achieve the following goals:


  1.     Produce globally competent graduates who are imbued with technical expertise in the field of engineering and information technology, with strong support for environmental preservation and guided by positive values and high ethical standards;
  1.     Conduct relevant research and development activities along engineering and information technology that would contribute to sustainable development in its service areas;
  1.     Implement effective training and outreach programs that emphasize self-help, critical thinking and life-long learning;
  1.     Manage engineering and information technology projects and enterprises  to promote economically viable and environment-friendly approaches and techniques; and
  1.     Establish strong linkages with non-governmental organizations, other government entities and the basic sector for the realization of common goals.



Graduate Programs:

  • Master in Information Technology
  • Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering (MSAE) major in
  1. Soil and Water Management
  2. Crop Processing and Handling
  3. Agricultural Power and Machinery
  4. Design and Management
  • Master of Engineering (MEng) major in:
  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Computer Engineering
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Electronics and Communications Engineering
  5. Water Engineering and Management

Degree Programs

  • BS Agricultural Engineering (BSAE)
  • BS Architecture (BS Arch)
  • BS Civil Engineering (BSCE)
  • BS Computer Engineering (BS CpE)
  • BS Electrical Engineering (BSEE)
  • BS Electronics and Communications Engineering (BSEcE)
  • BS Industrial Engineering (BSIE)
  • BS Computer Science (BSCS)
  • BS Information Technology (BSIT)
  • Bachelor of Industrial Technology (Ladderized Curriculum) major in:
  1. Automotive Technology (BIT-AT)
  2. Electrical Technology (BIT-ET)
  3. Electronics Technology (BIT-ELEX)
  • BS Office Administration (BSOA)

Non-Degree Programs


  • Associate in Computer Secretarial (ACS)
  • Certificate in Computer Technician (CCT)
  • Certificate in Information System Management (CISM)
  • Diploma in Automotive Technology (AT)
  • Diploma in Electrical Technology (ET)
  • Diploma in Electronics Technology (ELEX)
  • Certificate in Automotive Technology (AT)
  • Certificate in Electrical Technology (ET)
  • Certificate in Electronics Technology (ELEX)







 CEIT Officials

Dr. Marilyn C. Escobar



Dr. Leyma L. Cero    


 Chairman, Department of Agricultural and Food Engineering (DAFE)



 Coordinator, Textbook/Instructional Materials Development

Engr. Cene M. Bago  

 Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering (DCE)

Engr. Michael T. Costa

 Chairman, Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering (DCEE)

Mr. Willie C. Buclatin 

 Chairman, Department of Industrial Engineering and Technology (DIET)

Mr. Marlon R. Pereña 

-  Chairman, Department of Information Technology



 NBC 461 Local Evaluator

Prof. Marivic G. Dizon 

 College Secretary / Budget Officer

Dr. Jo-Anne C. Nuestro

 College Registrar 

Dr. David L. Cero

-  Coordinator, Research and Development

Mr. Danielito R. Escaño

 Coordinator, Extension 


 College Property Custodian and Canvasser 


 OIC, Appropriate Technology & Industrial Automation Center

Engr. Cesar C. Carriaga 

 Coordinator, College Graduate Program

Ms. Lydia D. Perido

 University Web Master

Ms. Vanessa G. Coronado


 College MIS/PIO Officer

Ms. Emeline C. Guevarra 

 University Computer Center (UCC) Manager

Mr. Bienvenido C. Sarmiento

 Section Head, Central Computer Laboratory, UCC

Engr. Edwin R. Arboleda 

 Section Head, Hardware and Maintenance, UCC

Dr. Marilyn M. Escobar 

 Coordinator, Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Engr. Rico C. Asuncion 

 College Quality Assurance and Accreditation Assistant Coordinator

Engr. Efren R. Rocillo


 College Review Coordinator

Ms. Charlotte B. Carandang 

 College Guidance Counselor for BSAE, BSIT, BSCS, and BSOA


 Alternate Coordinator, Gender And Development (GAD)

Mr. Andy A. Dizon


 College Guidance Counselor for BSCE, BS Arch, BSECE, BSEE, BSCpE, CTN, BSIE and BIT programs

Engr. Roslyn P. Pena


 College GAD Alternate Coordinator



 NBC 461 Local Evaluator

Mr. Simeon Daez


 College Supply Officer



 NBC 461 Local Evaluator

Ms. Poinsettia A. Vida

 Coordinator, College Sports and Cultural Affairs

Engr. Michael T. Costa 

 College OJT Coordinator

Ms. Florence M. Banasihan 

 College Job Placement Coordinator

Engr. Marcelino A. Dagasdas Jr. 

 College Civil Security Officer

Ms. Lilia O. Torres 

 Officer-in-Charge, College Reading Room

Mr. Gerry M. Castillo

 College OJT Program Coordinator for BSAE and BSIE

Engr. Larry E. Rocela


 College OJT Program Coordinator for BSCE and BS Arch

Ms. Gladys G. Perey


 College OJT Program Coordinator for BSIT

Ms. Aiza E. Bihis


 College OJT Program Coordinator for BSOA

Mr. Mark Philip M. Sy


 College OJT Program Coordinator for BSCS

Mr. Garry M. Cahibaybayan


 College OJT Program Coordinator for BIT Electrical Technology

Ms. Ma. Fatima B. Zuniga


 College OJT Program Coordinator for BIT Electronics Technology

Ms. Lorielle R. Rocela


 College OJT Program Coordinator for BSEE, BSCpE, BSECE, and CCT


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