College Vision

To be the center of excellence in the fields of engineering, industrial, and information technology.

College Mission

The College of Engineering and Information Technology was established to provide quality and affordable education through relevant instruction, research, and extension in the fields of engineering, information technology, and allied technologies towards the development of globally competent and morally upright individuals.

College Goal

The College shall endeavor to achieve the following goals:

  1.  Produce globally competent graduates who are imbued with technical expertise in the field of engineering and information technology, with strong support for environmental preservation and guided by positive values and high ethical standards;
  2.  Conduct relevant research and development activities along engineering and information technology that would contribute to sustainable development in its service areas;
  3. Implement effective training and outreach programs that emphasize self-help, critical thinking and life-long learning;
  4. Manage engineering and information technology projects and enterprises  to promote economically viable and environment-friendly approaches and techniques; and
  5. Establish strong linkages with non-governmental organizations, other government entities and the basic sector for the realization of common goals.