One male and 9 female GAD advocates from different colleges, campuses, and units of Cavite State University attended a webinar session entitled “Conversations through Art (CTA): Tapping Various Creative Modalities for Intervention, Growth, and Transformation” organized by the University of the Philippines Center for Women’s and Gender Studies (UPCWGS), in partnership with Art Ventures and Advocacy Network, last May 14, 2020.

The fifth session discussed topics about Women, Gender, and Film. It celebrated the brilliance and remarkable artistry of Filipino filmmakers, and how their works contribute to changing the world views and perceives women’s and gender issues.

Various lecture presentations were given and facilitated by reputable speakers to promote arts for social change. Film directors Antoninette Jadaone and Sigrid Andrea Bernardo gave lecture on social responsibilities in fighting the high prevalence of gender differences and stereotypes in Philippine Cinema. They have also shared their struggles and success in conquering independent to mainstream films. Filmmaker, Samantha Lee discussed her advocacy for better representation of women and LGBTQ+ community in Philippine Cinema. She had pointed out the importance of closing the gap of gender inequality in Philippine Cinema which is considered to be a powerful community medium representation. The challenges in film binary representation were also tackled during the lecture.

The three-hour seminar workshop was moderated by Ms. Tez Cruz, founder of Feminist Media Lab (FeMMeLAB). The webinar was attended by 124 participants from various academes, GAD Advocates, Film enthusiasts and Filmmakers. (KDAgreda)

Conversations through Art: Women, Gender, and Film Promotional poster