To all the student leaders processing their documents for the recognition of their respective student organizations, please read the following:
1. Certificate of Grades during the last semester which can be taken from the CvSU Portal is accepted.
2. Certificate of Audit is no longer required. Financial Report would suffice.
3. Certificate of Good Moral Character is to be requested from the colleges. Soft copy is accepted.
4. Student organizations are encouraged to choose the most convenient way of submitting their documents to minimize the risk of going out or going to the campus. Submission of soft copies of the documents is preferred (through email). For those who cannot do online transaction, documents may be placed in drop boxes either in Gate 1 or Gate 2.
5. Submission of documents is extended until November 5, 2020 while recognition of student organizations is on November 10, 2020.
While we are excited to have our student organizations recognized, we have to be reminded that everyone’s safety is still a priority.
Thank you.