Academic Break

Mid-Semester  Academic Break  –        19 – 24 April 2021

During the academic break, faculty members are enjoined to refrain from conducting online classes and offline activities and assessments; and setting of deadlines for course requirements.


Course Materials

Faculty members shall upload modules, learning guide and/or other learning materials to CvSU LMS or any appropriate platform accessible to the students. Copy of modules (printed/saved in USB) shall be provided to students upon request.

All college/campuses are enjoined to facilitate a coordinated mechanism for distribution of modules (printed/saved in USB).


Academic Deficiencies and Other Requirements

All students with NG during the 2 sem, A.Y. 2019-2020 shall be given until this semester (2nd Sem, A.Y. 2020-2021) to submit the necessary requirements to change their grades to Satisfactory.

Academic deficiencies such as warning, probation and disqualification as stipulated in the Student Handbook shall be waived during this time of pandemic.

Requirements of PRC (e.g. cases and rotation) needs to be satisfied, hence, adjustments on maximum residency shall be made.


Conduct of classes and other academic activities

The following activities are still suspended*:

  • Face to face classes
  • On-the-job training (on site/face- to-face or virtual)
  • Internship (on site/face- to-face or virtual)
  • Clinical duties (on site/face- to-face or virtual)
  • Practice Teaching/Field Study (on site/face- to-face or virtual)
  • Fieldwork /Community Immersion
  • Other activities that will require face to face meetings/interactions including laboratory experiments for thesis/dissertations

*Suspension of the above-mentioned activities shall only be lifted once advised/approved by the IATF, CHED and LGUs.

Appropriate alternative learning platforms shall be utilized in conducting classes in exchange for the contact hours to achieve the course outcomes/program outcomes including evaluation and assessment. Example of learning platforms are electronic and non-electronic learning methods, modules, self-directed learning activities, simulations, case-based scenarios, among others.

If a synchronous on-line class will be conducted, a one-hour on-line class is recommended for a 3-unit course. The remaining hours shall be devoted to other off-line activities.

SOURCE: OVPAA Memo No. 8 s. 2021