The GAD Resource Center conducted a consultative meeting with the members of Indang Association of Persons with Disability, Inc. (IAPWDI) to discuss the plan for the year 2022. The meeting was attended by 3 male and 9 female participants.

The meeting started with an opening message by Mr. Florian de Borja, President of IAPWDI. Mr. John Renz D. Emelo, Admin staff of GADRC presented the activities done for the year 2021. After the presentation, Mr. Emelo opened the floor for the members of IAPWDI to share the activity they want to conduct for 2022.

The members agreed to conduct training activities on behavioral problems of guardians while caring for the child, caring and handling the persons with down syndrome, women empowerment, leadership, sign language, disaster preparedness / NDPR Week, RA 7877, RA 11313, and RA 9262 among others. (JRDEmelo)