The Philippines has one of the fastest population growth rates in Southeast Asia during the pandemic lockdown due to that birth control is inaccessible. The Commission on Population  and Development forecasted a 2.2% drop in contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) in June 2020. About 2 million Filipino women aged to 15 to 49 will become pregnant, resulting in 214,000 unplanned births. Lack of awareness about sexual and reproductive health and rights is frequently the cause of theses unplanned pregnancies among young people.

To spread awareness on unintended pregnancy, the CvSU Gender and Development Resource Center (GADRC) conducted a webinar entitled, My Pulpol Love: A Webinar on Unintended Pregnancy on February 24, 2022, via video conferencing and Facebook live. This activity aims to correct the knowledge about puberty, reproduction, relationship, sexuality, the risks of unsafe sex and how to avoid such diseases like HIV, STIs, and unexpected pregnancy. Likewise, the activity was conducted to develop ability and confidence to deal with peer pressure and develop healthy and mutually beneficial partnerships.

On behalf of Dr. Hernando D. Robles, University President, Dr. Marilyn M. Escobar, Vice President for Planning and Development, welcomed the participants. She enumerated the objectives of this activity and hoped everyone in this webinar may gain knowledge and learn what the resource speakers will share about. She also gave her appreciation to the organizers of this event as well as to the speakers who will share their knowledge and expertise on unintended pregnancy.

After the welcome remarks, Ms. Kimberly A. Bustamante discussed the house rules, objectives of the webinar, and the program flow.

Mr. Ruel P. Mendoza, a Faculty Member of College of Education and CvSU MOVE KATROPA Trainer, spoke on attraction, dating and courtship, and online courtship. He addressed the four stages of a dating relationship. He also revealed the traditional Filipino courting as well as the modern courtship of online dating. Moreover, he also distinguished between courting and dating.

Mr. King David J. Agreda, President of CvSU MOVE KATROPA and GAD Coordinator of Cavite City Campus explained the relationship boundaries. He emphasized the importance of making the proper decision not only for ourselves, but also for our future and our families. Moreover, he emphasized that healthy relationships have at least five things in common, which is based on the word “share”. He also discussed the funnels of commitment and intimacy. He also talked on boundaries and consents of sexuality, ABC of sexuality, and relationship and sexual activity.

Ms. Hazelyn H. Dela Cruz, GAD Coordinator of Silang Campus, discussed the many forms of romantic relationship. She also explained why it is crucial to have a good relationship and what it entails. She also discussed what constitutes an unhealthy relationship and the danger signs to watch for. Furthermore, she emphasized how you can protect yourself from unhealthy relationship.

Ms. Lady Aileen A. Orsal and Mr. Raymon Carlo A. Orsal, faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences, spoke on engagement and wedding. Ms. Orsal started the discussion by discussing the existing marital status in the Philippines. She highlighted the factors that affect the dissolution of marriage. Meanwhile, Mr. Orsal discussed about engagement and the importance of choosing the “right one”. He added that marriage is about readiness and certainty. He ended the discussion by saying that while some couples divorce, there is nothing to worry about. There are factors that affect the relationship, but it is up to the couple to determine how they will keep the love alive. That is why proper marital concept and preparation are essential.

Dr. Evelyn M. Del Mundo, Dean of the College of Nursing, delivered the closing remarks. She emphasized the relevant issues that piqued her attention and provided a quick overview of the many topics discussed by the speakers. According to her, young people should not hurry into entering a relationship because it is the start of a lifetime

Ms. Maria Czarina P. Sioco, in-charge of Data Banking and Publication, GADRC, moderated the webinar This activity drew over 90 people from zoom video conferencing and hundreds of viewers from Facebook live. (MCPSioco)