In support of ending gender-based violence, the Gender and Development Resource Center (GADRC) conducted a refresher training workshop on Men Opposed to Violence Against Women Everywhere (MOVE0) and Kalalakihang Tapat sa Responsibilidad at Obligasyon sa Pamilya (KATROPA) last February 8-10, 2022, via video conferencing to revitalize the commitments of the GAD champions. The activity drew over 113 people from different colleges, satellite campuses, and units of Cavite State University.

On behalf of Dr. Hernando D. Robles, Dr. Ma. Agnes P. Nuestro, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, welcomed the participants by reminding them of their respective roles and responsibilities as officers and trainers of MOVE KATROPA. Moreover, she told the participants that she expects them to increase their standards and attain greatness.

On the first day, Mr. Ronaldo A. Amora, Social Welfare Officer II of Department of Social and Welfare Development (DSWD) Field Office IV-A, shared the VAW situation and discussed the DSWD’s current objectives and programs. He encouraged men to become partners with women and to work together to establish safe communities for all. Moreover, he spoke about how power is ingrained in social ties. He elaborates what gives someone power and who has power in our community and ended with a remark from Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, who stated that VAW is never acceptable, never excusable, and never tolerable. Mr. Amora highlighted patriarchal ideology, masculinity and sexual potency, the journey of becoming a man, patriarchy, and the change of the Filipino male. He underlined that patriarchy is a system in which both men and women participate. He also emphasized that males are victims of Gender-Based Violence and reinforced this point with images and videos.

For the second day, Mr. King David J. Agreda, President of CvSU MOVE KATROPA and GAD Coordinator of Cavite City Campus, gave the recap for day 1 activity. In his recap, he provided a clear opportunity for the participants to examine their hearts as GAD advocates and to ceaselessly ensure that equity and violence-free community will prevail. He emphasized that Gender-Based Violence is a societal cancer that is more widespread than the emerging coronavirus known as COVID-19 and has a greater impact on women and girls than on males and boys. He ended his recap by assuring everyone that they will continue to encourage male involvement in the  advocacy, aimed at ending violence against women and emphasizing a larger and stronger movement for gender equality and social justice.

Mr. Ricky A. Bunao, Officer-in-Charge, Assistant Regional Director for Administration of DSWD Field Office IV-A, discussed men as fathers and their engagement in parenting, parenting objectives, parenting skills, parental duties, and how to strengthen their relationship with their child. He also discussed different parenting styles and the responsibility of males in reducing gender-based violence and criminality. Furthermore, violence may be reduced if men serve as positive role models for other men and their children, take on leadership responsibilities, and engage in local community activities that promote awareness and support for the eradication of VAWC. Mr. Bunao underlined that father are the greatest source of strength for a kid. He recalled General Colin Powell, who said, “Behind a great individual, we frequently discover the legacy of a loving parent.” The purpose of fatherhood is to light a fire in the lives of his children. Moreover, he shared the history about MOVE, KATROPA, and Empowerment and Reaffirmation of Paternal Abilities (ERPAT).

For the third day, Mr. Ariel R. Rivera, Secretary of KATROPA and GAD Coordinator of Naic Campus gave the recap for day 2 activity. He shared what he had learned at the second session, such as the lecture about men, which increased his knowledge in ERPAT, the duties of fathers, men’s obligations, and good parenting. Moreover, how fathers develop gender sensitivity, appreciation, and partnership with their spouses, as well as promoting and enhancing family life by enhancing and strengthening a positive satisfying marital partnership, preventing domestic violence, promoting shared parenthood, and planning family size. Establishing a network among fathers in the community, increasing their active participation and involvement, such as assisting them in becoming aware of their role and promoting and understanding different forms of violence against women and children, as well as other forms of gender-based violence were the knowledge he gathered from the second day session of the training workshop.

Mr. Harold M. David, Information Officer II of Commission on Population and Development CALABARZON, spoke about man and sexuality. Sexuality is a vital component of who we are. It allows us to have a more responsible connection by deepening our recognition and acceptance of our existence. He also discussed the various aspects of sexuality. Furthermore, he highlighted living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding vices such as cigarettes and alcohol, as well as stress and tension. Furthermore, he shared the beautification of marriage or partnership. The secret to a long-lasting relationship. Mr. David also tackled the importance of the man caring for his spouse or partner for a healthy pregnancy. It is important to guarantee healthy pregnancy to rescue women from the mortality that comes with childbirth. Furthermore, he discussed the man’s role as a decent father. He also talked about family planning, the capacity to prepare ahead of time and have the desired number of children spaced correctly. He lists the advantages of family planning and discussed the many methods of family planning. Furthermore, he spoke about how KATROPA can be promoted and ended his discussion by encouraging the participants to be the change that they want to be.

On behalf of Dr. Rezin C. Bahia, Dean, Graduate School and Open Learning College, Ms. Raecel A. Estebat, Officer-in-Charge, GADRC, delivered the closing remarks hoping that participants had been refreshed and learnt something new from the training program hosted by the CvSU GADRC. (MCPSioco)