A three-day workshop on GAD Planning and Budgeting was successfully conducted on May 24-26, 2022 at the Babaylan Training Room of the Gender and Development Resource Center (GADRC). This was attended by GAD Coordinators from various colleges, campuses, and units.

On behalf of Dr. Maria Agnes P. Nuestro, Officer-In-Charge, Office of the University President, Dr. Susan G. Tan, Director, GADRC delivered the opening message. She encouraged the participants to take part fully and enjoy the workshop. She also hoped that participants would be able to use all they had learned in making the GAD Plan and Budget.

Ms. Raecel A. Estebat, In-Charge of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, GADRC spoke on GAD Planning and Budgeting. She thoroughly explained the criteria in making the annual gender and development plans, budget and accomplishment report. R.A 9710 or the Magna Carta of Women and R.A 7192 or Women in Development and National Budget Act, were two of the topics she highlighted. She stressed that the initiatives and activities for the GAD Plan must be integrated with Gender Mainstreaming. Moreover, she stated that the costs related to the GAD budget can and cannot be modified. Following the discussion, GAD Coordinators were urged to develop and amend their GAD Plan and Budget, which would be presented on the second day of the workshop.

On the second day, Mr. Ariel Rivera, GAD Coordinator, Naic Campus gave an overview of the first day of the workshop. Following the recap, each participants prepared their GAD Plan and Budget for the presentation. The GAD Plan and Budget of the participants outlined the gender challenges encountered by each target and the causes were identified. The activities, programs, and resources included in their approach, such as booklets and other publications were targeted at giving awareness, information, and training in eliminating gender-based differentiation and discrimination. Ms. Estebat noted and recommended all participants to be cautious in harmonizing GAD strategy and budget on Gender Mainstreaming.

The third day of the workshop was devoted in accomplishing the reports of the participants. During the closing program, Ms. Lolita G. Herrera, Director, Finance Management Office and GAD Chair for Finance that GAD budgeting is not only about distributing funds, but also developing a strategy and focusing on the end result. She expressed her gratitude and congratulated the organizers and attendees to this workshop. (GCRSison)

Ms. Raecel A. Estebat, discussing the criteria of 2022 GAD Planning and Budgeting.
Participants of the 2022 GAD Planning and Budgeting Workshop.