As part of the Gender and Development Resource Center’s (GADRC) extension program KAbalikat sa SAnayan at LIngap sa mga TAong nasa laylaYan ng lipunan tungo sa paglagO (KASALI TAYO), a two-day training on Basic Life Support and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation was conducted on 10-11 November 2022.

In collaboration with the Provincial Persons with Disability Affairs Office (PPDAO), Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office (PSWDO), Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO) of the Cavite Province and Center for Disaster Preparedness (CDP), the training was held in preparation for the community outreach of the twenty-two (22) trained trainers who have completed the Training of Trainers (ToT) on Inclusive Community-Based Risk Reduction Management (ICBDRRM) last September 27 to October 1, 2022.

Dr. Susan G. Tan, GADRC Director, warmly welcomed the participants and discussed the severe effects of Typhoon Paeng on the properties and livelihoods of the affected regions in the Philippines. She also stressed the importance of participating in seminars that promote preparedness and knowledge on community risk assessment and basic first aid as preparation for unexpected events.

On the first day of the activity, Ms. Angelita R. Zamora, Communication Unit Leader, Emergency Medical Technician, and Trained Trainer of Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Management (CBDRRM) of PDRRMO-Cavite, discussed the legal basis of CBDRRM, the Basic Life Support (BLS), Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and RA No. 10121. Ms. Zamora demonstrated how to assess the victim’s responsiveness and showed proper CPR techniques and discussed factors to consider when performing CPR, one of which is the proper torso and arm placement. Moreover, she demonstrated how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED and showed an effective abdominal thrust technique.

On the second day, Ms. Zamora discussed the necessity of first aid, noting that it is delivered quickly to a person or victim who has suffered bodily damage. She highlighted the three goals of first aid: to relieve pain, to avoid additional harm, and to prolong life. She also demonstrated how to bandage wounds and injuries properly. Meanwhile, Ms. Rhoda T. Periodico, Assistant Department Head of Cavite PDRRMO, talked about the Community Risk Assessment (CRA) wherein she emphasized that the first line of response is the barangay and highlighted the participatory CRA as a method to determine potential hazards as well as the CRA tools such as the hazard analysis matrix.

After the training, Ms. Jelyne F. Gealone, Project Manager of CDP, via Zoom teleconferencing, briefed the participants on what will transpire during the 3-day community immersion at Bacoor City, Rosario, and Maragondon in Cavite. She further reiterated that CDP will be there with them as assessors and as mentors. This will also be a chance for them to further hone their skills as future trainers of community-based disaster risk reduction and management. They were also reminded by Ms. Gealone that their ultimate goal is to strengthen the community’s capacity to effectively prepare for any disaster. (GCRSison)

Dr. Susan G. Tan (left) giving her welcome message and Ms. Angelita R. Zamora (right) discussing the BLS and CPR
Demonstration of CPR and Abdominal thrust
Ms. Angelita R. Zamora (left) demonstrating the proper application of bandage and Ms. Rhoda T. Periodico (right) discussing the topic on CRA.
The participants of the 2-day training on Basic Life Supports and Community Risk Assessment