In a rigorous effort to bridge the gap between gender and nutrition, the University’s Gender and Development (GAD) Resource Center conducted an activity entitled “Webinar on Gender and Nutrition: Equipping Women to Improve Nutrition” on September 7, 2023, via Zoom video conferencing and Facebook Live, to equip women with the knowledge and tools to play a pivotal role in improving nutrition, unraveling the intricate connections between gender dynamics and food security.

On behalf of Dr. Adolfo C. Manuel, Jr., Dean, College of Agriculture, Food, Environment, and Natural Resources (CAFENR), Ms. Abigail Pegollo-Daria, Staff, CAFENR set the tone with a compelling opening message in which she emphasized the critical role of women in the realm of nutrition and agriculture, highlighting the significance of their involvement for sustainable food systems.
Assoc. Prof. Glory Dee A. Romo, PhD, from the School of Management, University of the Philippines (UP) Mindanao, highlighted the intricate ways in which gender roles, norms, and inequalities impact access to and utilization of food resources. She emphasized the need for a comprehensive and intersectional approach that considers social, economic, and cultural factors influencing access, decision-making, and utilization of food resources.
Dr. Pacilina Estrella-Barotil, a Fellow in Family Medicine with a Master’s in Nutritional Medicine, College of Medicine, discussed how gender affects nutrition, highlighting how societal norms and gender roles influence dietary patterns, nutritional needs, and overall health outcomes.
Dr. Eleanor J. Galvez, Dean, College of Medicine, concluded the webinar by emphasizing the importance of integrating gender-sensitive approaches into nutritional interventions for comprehensive and sustainable outcomes. Ensuring a dynamic exchange of ideas and fostering active engagement, the activity was moderated by Mr. Leonard V. Paunil, GAD Coordinator, CvSU Carmona Campus and CVSU MOVE KATROPA Vice President.
Dr. Eleanor J. Galvez, Dean College of Medicine
Mr. Leonard V. Paunil, GAD Coordinator, CvSU Carmona Campus and MOVE KATROPA Vice President