The Women’s Month Celebration has since served as a venue to highlight women’s achievements, and discuss continuing and emerging women’s empowerment and gender equality issues, concerns, challenges, and commitments.

In continuous pursuit of mainstreaming women’s empowerment and gender equality, the Gender and Development Resource Center (GADRC) conducted a three-day event in celebration of 2024 Women’s Month, March 14 and 20-21, 2024, at the S.M. Rolle Hall.

The event centered around the theme “Gender-Responsive: A Tool for a Transformative Educational Institution,” incorporating this premise into the University’s existing budget, curriculum, and research.

The first day successfully started off with the opening message given by Mr. John Xavier B. Nepomuceno, Vice President for Administrative and Support Services, where he emphasized the importance of the GAD Plan and Budget and its dissemination to the concerned participants.

Afterwards, Ms. Raecel A. Estebat, resource person, delved into the “Review of Basic GAD Concepts and Overview of GAD Policy Imperatives and the Preparation of the GAD Plan and Budget.” The discussion was followed by the workshop proper where participants incorporated their learnings into the budget plan format. It was formally ended with a closing message delivered by Ms. Gilda C. Cristal, CvSU Budget Officer.

For the March 20 event, Dr. Susan G. Tan, GADRC Director started the event attended by the chairpersons and faculty members representing various colleges and satellite campuses.

Following the opening remarks, the Ms. Estebat provided a review of fundamental GAD concepts. Ms. Estebat also gave an overview of the CHED CM01 services from 2015 with the inclusion of Magna Carta of Women which seeks to promote women’s rights and eradicate gender discrimination. She then focused on deconstructing gender biases and promoting inclusive language and pedagogy.

Meanwhile, Prof. Arlene L. Estrada’s lecture highlighted “Mainstreaming Gender in Teaching and Learning Strategies,” fostering a gender responsive institutional culture through the development of gender-inclusive policies and procedures.

The participants also shared and presented their course syllabus integrating gender-inclusive policies and procedures. Dr. Armi Grace B. Desingaño, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, expressed her gratitude towards the speakers, participants, and organizers, further highlighting the success of the event.

For the last day, Dr. Melbourne R. Talactac, Vice President for Research and Extension, opened the event where he said, “Malayo pa, pero malayo na,” reflecting the collective effort shared through promoting and fighting for women’s rights and gender equality in society, and how we can identify the present gender issues in our research.

Prof. Estrada reiterated the “Basic GAD Concepts and Overview of CHED CMO1, series of 2015” and delved into the “Use of Gender Lens in Research.”

This was followed by Ms. Evelyn F. Grueso, where she talked about “Mainstreaming Gender in Research” and the use of Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines.

Dr. Miriam D. Baltazar, Director of Research Center, wrapped up the event by highlighting the scientific basis of how gender issues are present and relative to our scientific composition as humans.