Cavite State University (CvSU) ranks 1501+ among the educational institutions worldwide in the Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings for 2024.

In its debut in the THE Impact Rankings, CvSU’s programs and initiatives in support of the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were evaluated and ranked as follows: SDG 1 No Poverty (Rank 801-1000); SDG 4 Quality Education (Rank 1501+); SDG 5 Gender Equality (Rank 601-800); and SDG 17 Partnership for the Goals (Rank 1501+).

For 2024, the THE Impact Rankings assessed the performance of a total of 2,152 universities from 125 countries/regions in delivering the SDGs of the United Nations, particularly in areas of research, stewardship, outreach, and teaching. 

“By excelling in a variety of SDGs, these universities showcase their commitment to addressing the world’s most pressing challenges, including environmental sustainability, social inclusion, economic growth and partnerships,” THE said in its website.

“This overall ranking celebrates universities that are not only leaders in specific SDGs but also those that maintain a high level of excellence across a broad spectrum of goals. By doing so, it emphasises the interconnectedness of all SDGs and the importance of multifaceted strategies in achieving sustainable development,” it added. 

The full results of the University Impact Rankings for 2024 may be accessed here: https://www.timeshighereducation.com/impactrankings?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTAAAR3hm2oH_o64YA3EUIS-Ofr4zXx4eBeU4LFNR21PqMqaSS1iu1Mu88lL-30_aem_AcZSNCywrRkflpFhEQxJa-SEUmFGs2vZeQox86G5yc8vvhc0aTzVdWinef9UyYtXftIa0eazo-iAvdTPXpAwC–i