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University Mandate on Extension Services – Extension Services is an outreach unit of Cavite State University.  As mandated, the University shall “provide advanced instruction and professional training in agriculture, science and technology, education and other related fields, undertake research and extension services, and provide progressive leadership in these areas.”  (Republic Act No. 8468, converting the Don Severino Agricultural College into University Status, to be called Cavite State University).

Republic Act 8435, or the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act of 1997 (AFMA) under section 86 stated that: “It is hereby declared the policy of the state to promote science and technology, as essential for national development and progress.  The State shall give priority to the utilization of research results through formal and non-formal education, extension and training services.” 

Historical Background

For decades, the University has been involved in community outreach and extension activities.  When this was converted into Don Severino Agricultural College (DSAC) in 1964, extension became one of the functions of this institution, in addition to instruction and research.  DSAC started with two major units, the Secondary Department and the College Department. The latter conducted extension services in the form of seminars on improved farm practices and certified seeds and veterinary services to the animals of the service area.  In addition, the College maintained a one-and-a-half hectare nursery for the propagation of and multiplication of important plants for on-campus and for farmers’ use.  The Swine Project which was used for instruction purposes also served as a source of foundation stock for farmers.  Boar services were made available to small hog raisers for the improvement of their stock (DSAC Annual Report, SY 1968-69). 

Since then, the milestones of extension services were recorded in the Annual Reports of this educational institution.



Help alleviate the standard of living of the economically and   socially disadvantaged sectors of society through the Extension of the University.


To engage in the improvement of the quality of life of farmers/fishermen, women, out-of-school youths, local government employees, and other clients through the conduct of relevant education and training; farm and business advisory services; demonstration services; and information, communication and technology services.



  1. Disseminate and promote innovative, relevant, appropriate and research-based knowledge, information and technologies to various clients 
  2. Engage and enhance partnership with various stakeholders, local and international to address the needs of the target clients and the communities, and the resource limitation of the extension organization 
  3. Enhance the organization’s capability to provide excellent   and world-class extension services.


  1. To conduct and/or coordinate relevant training programs and short non-degree courses in agriculture and other disciplines 
  2. To promote agricultural entrepreneurship and other business enterprises 
  3. c) To establish and maintain on-campus and off-campus demonstration projects showcasing various appropriate technologies 
  4. d) To package and disseminate through tri-media the needed technology/information relevant to the improvement of the farming and rural/urban living
  5. To coordinate and monitor the extension activities of various colleges and branch campuses of the University 
  6. To collaborate and establish linkages with government and private agencies engaged in extension and rural/urban development in the pursuit of common goals and objectives 
  7. To generate income from established projects and from other resource generation activities.


Organizational Chart


Obj. 1: Conduct and/or coordinate relevant training programs as well as appropriate, efficient and sustainable interdisciplinary extension programs.

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On-going Projects


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