It has come to our attention that a certain “CvSU JAMbagan 2020”, a fund-raising activity for the benefit of CvSU students who are in need, is set to be conducted as an online concert this coming August 29.

While donation drives are helpful in preparing for the classes this September, we would like to inform you that this activity is NOT OFFICIAL, hence the use of the names of CvSU, Central Student Government and CvSU Musikeros is not allowed. Every student organization is recognized every academic year, hence, the use of such during vacation and while students are still enrolling is considered NOT OFFICIAL. Any fundraising activity from “not yet recognized” organizations do not have “official permission” from the University.

A letter dated August 17, 2020 was sent by the Office of Student Affairs to the former vice president of the Central Student Government clearly explaining that the term of office of CSG officers has ended last July 31, 2020 as emphasized in the CSG-CBL, Article XII, Section 4.

With the good intention of the activity, the organizers are given the following options: 1) to do it this coming First Semester, AY 2020-2021 after the recognition of student organizations; or 2) to do it as an individual/group fund-raising but without the use of CvSU’s name and the said organizations.

We promote bayanihan in this time of crisis and we are in support of initiatives that extend assistance to the students but it has to be made clear to participating individuals if the activity is officially from CvSU or a privately-organized donation drive.

Thank you.