The Gender and Development Resource Center (GADRC) in partnership with Indang Association of Person with Disability, Inc. (IAPWDI) conducted “Orientation on Anti-Bullying” held at the Babaylan Training Room, GAD Resource Center, May 18.

 IAPWDI President Mr. Florian H. De Borja delivered the opening remarks where he expressed his appreciation to all the participants and to GAD Resource Center.

GADRC Director Dr. Susan G. Tan during her discussion

GADRC Director Dr. Susan G. Tan tackled the types of bullying, including physical, verbal, social, racial, sexual disability, and cyberbullying. She also discussed the effects of bullying among students and employees in their workplace. She emphasized that corrective or disciplinal action are not considered as a form of bullying.

Dr. Tan also discussed the penalties under the prohibitions on verbal, non-verbal ridicule and vilification against Persons with Disability of the R.A. 9442, an act amending R.A. 7277 otherwise known as the “Magna Carta for Person with Disability.”

Dr. Tan said that bullying is a sequence of actions and does not happen in a single event. She emphasized that giving respect to yourself and to others shows your worth as a person.

During the open forum, Mr. De Borja also shared that self-acceptance is one of the ways to be resilient in the face of criticism.


During the Open Forum


Awarding of certificate