Graduates from the College of Nursing posted 94.44% overall passing performance in the July 2021 Nurse Licensure Examination. The national passing rate is 64.65%.

All but one of the successful examinees are first time takers. The new registered nurses are the following:

  1. Abutan, Keylene G.
  2. Aguillana, Vince Joseph M.
  3. Alisaca, Stephany R.
  4. Bucasan, Jona B.
  5. Escallar, Kate Lorainne E.
  6. Evangelista, Ciara Alexis P.
  7. Garcia, Erwin A.
  8. Maningas, Christopher John R.
  9. Miller, Alexandrea Spear C.
  10. Mojica, Irish Lyn F.
  11. Navarro, Miyari L.
  12. Ocfemia, Joanne G.
  13. Padernal, Rejean P.
  14. Rodrin, Roby Ahricka T.
  15. Rosialda, Fritzy Joy D.
  16. Trinidad, Aubry Denice S.

According to the Professional Regulation Commission, registration for the issuance of Professional Identification Card and certificate of registration of the successful examinees will be done online.