Fourteen technical experts from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) International Affairs Staff (IAS) and Office of Planning, Research, and Knowledge Management (OPRKM), headed by Atty. Lily Freida M. Milla, Officer-In-Charge, Office of the Deputy Executive Director and Director of CHED IAS recently visited the university to evaluate the Higher Education Cooperation towards Transnational Education (HECTOR) System at CvSU Hostel Tropicana, 24 and 25 March 2022.

Titled “Workshop on the Improvement and Updating of the HECTOR System and Writeshop on the Research Components of HECTOR”, this endeavor aimed to provide an opportunity for the CHED IAS technical team and experts to review and improve the developed HECTOR system and for the program management team to complete the research papers, especially on the data analysis and interpretation of the qualitative research components of RDE Program HECTOR.

University President Dr. Hernando D. Robles warmly welcomed the team and stressed the importance of the project to the internationalization program of the university. “I hope that this project will be sustained for our HEIs to be at par with international universities offering TNE programs”, he added.

 Meanwhile, Dr. Rhodora S. Crizaldo, program manager and principal investigator gave an overview of the status and update of the project. She also congratulated the team and expressed her gratitude to CHED for the full support to realize the project.

Given ample time to review the system, the CHED IAS and OPRKM team presented the evaluation result and recommendations to improve the HECTOR system, especially on the website’s functionality, content, aesthetics, and other salient system requirements. Based on the comments and findings, Atty. Milla has recommended a second extension of the project to complete the updating and improvement of the HECTOR system before the public launching of the project. Atty. Milla recognized the dedication and efforts of the team in the development of this highly intelligent open resource system on TNE and internationalization.

The Project, which kicked off in 2019 is nearing its completion after six months of extension due to delays and disruptions brought by the pandemic, is now up for extension for another six months. (ARCSolis)

The HECTOR Team with Atty. Milla
The HECTOR Team with Dr. Hernando D. Robles and Atty. Lily Freida M. Milla
At the CvSU Agri-EcoTourism Park